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Call of Duty
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COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes - New maps, BR zones, modes and more

The new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 patch notes have been revealed, including new zones, maps, modes, a new vehicle and a tonne of improvements.
COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes - New maps, BR zones, modes and more

At roughly the same time as the massive Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 4 update, comes the feature-filled Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 update. The developers are currently rolling out the update region by region, and it should be on your mobile device soon.

Here's everything included in COD Mobile Season 7, including the update patch notes, and much, much more. 


New game modes for COD Mobile

There are new game modes heading into COD Mobile with Season 7. The first is called "Attack of the Undead".

Attack of the Undead: All players start as survivors, but one will become the Undead. The Undead can revive unlimited times, and survivors become the Undead if they are killed. Stay as a survivor and fight to the end, or become undead and hunt down all survivors?

This mode is available on Tunisia, Summit, Raid, Crash and Standoff.

Then, we also have a new training mode, which will allow players to test out all weapons provided, and improve their skills, without any interruption in the practice range.


New maps in COD Mobile Season 7

Two new maps are included in the COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes, namely Tunisia (the Beach Town) and the popular classic, Gulag. 

Tunisia is available for Search & Destroy, Domination, and Attack of the Undead game modes. 

Gulag is available in 1v1 Duel and Gunfight game modes.

COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes
A beautiful new Call of Duty: Mobile map in the form of a beach town (Picture: Activision)


COD Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale zones

There are several new Battle Royale zones with the COD Mobile Season 7 update, alongside new tundra vegetation. The new zones include Black Market, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Frigid Wetlands, Harbor, and Heat.

COD Mobile in Southeast Asia, shared a two-minute-long video, showing more of the new locations coming with he COD: Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale expansion.



There are also vending machines in Black Market, the secret room in Sanitarium, and the Ballroom in downtown, with some "surprises".


New COD Mobile vehicle

The new vehicle coming to COD Mobile in Season 7 is a tank. 

The developers have given a short explanation of the new vehicle, and it does sound devastating: "A real tracked destroyer, with 120mm smoothbore gun and powerful heavy machinegun. The tank will join the battlefield via special airdrop which arrived in the mid or late game. Notice that explosive weapons deal destructive damage to the back of the tank. Take advantage of it!"


COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes - Improvements & Optimizations

Get ready for a massive wall of text, as the COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes bring a tonne of improvements and optimizations to the game.


  • Reduced War Machine duration, rate of fire, and range
  • Reduced Gravity Spikes energy regeneration % after killing enemies, longer charging time needed, increased jumping height
  • Slightly reduced Purifier damage over time
  • Reduced Death Machine close-range damage, and slightly reduced the movement speed and rate of fire
  • Increased Annihilator bullet tracking range, rate of fire and ADS speed, reduced damage to Scorestreaks
  • Reduced Shock RC HP, electric shock duration, higher score is required, and players can escape from paralyze more easily. Number of Shock RCs on the same team is limited. The broadcast will not be triggered as frequently
  • Slightly increased HP of Sentry Gun
  • Slightly increased HP of SAM Turret
  • Reduced Pharo stability, and damage when hitting limbs
  • Increased ICR rate of fire, reduced stability and accuracy
  • Increased M4 rate of fire, reduced range and accuracy
  • Slightly increased Man O War stability
  • Slightly increased MSMC mobility
  • Increased Outlaw close-range damage
  • Increased Combat Axe flight distance, and optimized quick throw animation
  • When the Flak Jacket perk is equipped, the explosion time is reset when throwing back enemy grenades
  • When the Persistence perk is equipped, every Scoresreak can only be used once in a single game
  • Optimized quick throw animation for Lethal equipment and Tactical equipment
  • Optimized all melee weapon hitboxes
  • Capture location progress is more visible on mini map and icons on Domination
  • Optimized the capture location boundary indicator on Hardpoint
  • Optimized weapon set activation indicator
  • Perks will be deactivated in Duel mode. Secondary weapon will be unavailable when choosing sniper rifle.
  • Fixed issue with presenting wrong death area in Crossfire/Summit
  • Fixed issue in ranked where full premade groups would match against multiple solo players. Premade teams of five will only match against other premade teams or four or five.

Battle Royale:

  • Reduced HP and the movement speed slowing effect of Mechanic’s EMP drone. Increased charging time
  • Increased XPR50 and M21EBR stability when firing
  • Optimized weapons’ firing and reloading animation
  • Adjusted the difficulty of obtaining powerful weapons
  • Increased Annihilator rate of fire. .45 ammo is now available for Annihilator
  • Aerial platform zipline would appear earlier in game
  • Locations with better loot is now chosen at random and shown on the mini map
  • Players can toggle Vest (LV3) display in settings
  • Updated Battle Royale lobby
  • Updated Vest (LV3) visuals
  • Optimized compass UI, sounds of firing will be shown on the compass
  • Optimized visual effect for throwing Lethal and Tactical equipment
  • Optimized Warfare broadcast
  • Optimized medicine recommendation logic
  • Improved models of items on ground
  • Fixed issue with safe zone border being invisible on snow
  • Fixed issue with unnatural camera trembling for vehicle passengers

System and Client:

  • Optimized invite list. Recent players will be shown on invite list. Recent players, friends and clan will be shown in one tab
  • Added Quick join feature in quick team. Now players can conveniently join teams that meet their requirements
  • Brand new chat window, quick team feature optimized. Quick team message and chat message will be displayed in two separated windows, and players can find qualified quick teams through the filter
  • Improved Double XP indicators during 2XP events, in both match start and after match reports.

There you have it, the mammoth COD Mobile Season 7 patch notes. It is very clear the developers have been listening to player feedback, and have improved the game in nearly every aspect.

While you wait for the COD Mobile Season 7 update to hit your region, you can spend some time watching the latest episode of our Lockdown video series.


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