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COD Vanguard Boot Camp challenges: How to complete and rewards

With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, players are eager to know how to complete challenges and earn great rewards that will help them along with the story.
COD Vanguard Boot Camp challenges: How to complete and rewards
The day has finally arrived when longtime Call of Duty players come back one more time for another thrilling, action-filled adventure as Vanguard is now up and running on PC and consoles all over the globe.

This obviously comes with a learning curve as players will get accustomed to the game’s look and feel as well as the newest features and actions available within the game.

Part of the progress that players will experience will come from completing different sets of challenges like the Boot Camp sections, and we will tell you everything you need to know to complete your mission.

Boot Camp Challenges: How to complete & rewards

COD Vanguard Boot Camp 1
Challenges are a great way to level up as we often get XP as rewards. (Picture: Activision)

You will have different objectives and challenges along with the various game modes in Vanguard, one of them being the Boot Camp challenges that get their name from being the first test for you as you get used to the game.

These beginner-level challenges obviously offer rewards such as XP or other non-playable items for you to adorn your profile.

Here is the full list of challenges within the Boot Camp section and their respective awards:

  • Get 3 kills without dying 20 times
    • Reward: 2500 XP and "Stacking Bodies" calling card
  • Get 10 kills after recently swapping between your primary and secondary weapon
    • Reward: 1000 XP
  • Win 5 matches
    • Reward: 1000XP
  • Get 5 mounted kills
    • Reward: 1000 XP
  • Get 50 headshots
    • Reward: 1500 XP
  • Get 10 crouch kills
    • Reward: 1000 XP
COD Vanguard Boot Camp 2
The Zombies game mode is a great way to get some reps and complete challenges. (Picture: Activision)

After completing all six challenges you will unlock an additional reward of 10,000 XP and the “In Step” calling card for you to add to your collectables.

The Zombies game mode would be a great way to complete these first challenges as you get used to the refined game mechanics, aiming system and other actionable without the obstacle of online matches.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision