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Dallas Empire drops MuTeX after outrageous Twitch outburst

Dallas Empire has officially dropped MuTeX from their roster following a controversial outburst on stream.

Earlier this week, Call Of Duty pro Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma hurled offensive language at a teammate while streaming on Twitch. He issued an apology shortly afterwards, describing his comments as a “very, very bad joke”. 

Following the outburst, his team Dallas Empire announced they’ve cut ties with MuTex in a statement, which reads: ‘From the moment our organisation signs an individual to compete at the highest levels of esports, we expect he or she to exhibit a standard of professionalism in-competition, on-stream, and in personal conduct.  

“We seek to create an environment where people shouldn’t feel lesser of themselves or alienated by the words or actions of any person associated with our team. We recognize Mutex has offered an apology to the community and do believe Mutex has a long and promising future in esports and Call Of Duty.” 

News of his removal, however, sparked a particularly fiery response from MuTex. In response to the news on Twitch, he took a very confident stance on the matter and claimed they had lost a “huge f**king asset” in a lengthy rant. 

On stream, MuTex said: “Realistically speaking, it is a big f**king L for you guys. I’m not going to lie, you guys lost a huge f**king asset. You’re never going to find anyone as valuable as me when it comes to f**king Search and Destroy and the passion behind Call Of Duty.” 

He expressed similar sentiments in a sequence of follow-up posts, all of which have since been deleted. MuTex also deleted a post where he addressed the “haters” directly who he claimed were “praying on his downfall”. 

Shortly afterwards, MuTex issued another apology on Twitter, saying: ‘When bad news hits me like that, it hurts and sometimes I can’t control my emotions. 

“Especially when it comes to something I absolutely love. I’m very, very sorry if I offended you guys, I did not mean that at all. I’m still your biggest fan and I love that team with my entire heart.” 

MuTex was set to be a Search and Destroy substitute and analyst for the team in the upcoming Call Of Duty League next year, which kicks off in January.  

Dallas Empire CEO Mike Rufail has since spoken out about his removal in a video, clarifying the reasons behind the decision.  

“We want to be inclusive to anybody and everyone who wants to be a fan of our team,” Mike said. “Never should somebody who cheers for our team feel alienated or feel depressed when they come on to watch some Call Of Duty and watch our team compete.  

“That should never happen. I understand Charles was talking to his friend, I understand he didn’t mean those things in the context of what those words mean, but the end of the day people come on to watch our team play... and never should they feel down and depressed because of something that our organisation said or any of our players or staff said.” 

Considering the incident has been widely circulated among the Call Of Duty community, it’s unclear whether a team would be willing to forget the debacle and sign up MuTex in the aftermath.  

The Call Of Duty League is set to kick off on 24 January 2020.  

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