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JGOD reveals best new CW Optic in Warzone

Is the CR-56 AMAX still the best long-range Assault Rifle? The king of Warzone tests is back to show us what's the best new Cold War Optic in Warzone after optic reworks from the latest update.
JGOD reveals best new CW Optic in Warzone

On 27th May Raven Software has released a surprise update for Warzone.

The update brought some huge changes, the biggest one being the end of the "Big Bertha meta" with nerfs to Warzone's 6x6 Cargo Truck.

Another interesting change was a rework of the BOCW optics, particularly Axial Arms 3x and Royal & Kross 4x which now behave drastically differently.

"We believe optics have been holding back the long-range viability of BOCW Weapons and we expect that these optics adjustments will drastically change that," Raven explained. "When optics are too close to the camera, they can cause distracting motions and visual obfuscation and in long-range engagements especially, visual clarity is crucial."

These changes came in pair with the CR-56 AMAX nerfs, one of the strongest long-range Assault Rifles in the game. Will these changes give more space for the FARA 83 and CW AK47 to become the best option for a long-range Assault Rifle pick?

That's exactly what JGOD, a popular Warzone YouTuber focused on testing and statistics, has explained in his latest video.

Warzone CW Assault Rifles: Is AMAX still good?

jgod optics test assault rifle
(Picture: JGOD)

To test how reworked optics work and how will that translate to the meta and BOCW Assault Rifles, JGOD tested each of the three AR (FARA 83, CW AK47, and AMAX) using iron sights, Axial Arms 3x, Royal & Kross 4x, in order to check all the small differences.

He has set up a fixed position for each of the weapons so that he can assure the results are precise and unaffected by other factors.

For each of the weapons, he has used meta loadouts so that he can see how well they behave in a realistic scenario.

JGOD emphasizes that he has done several repetitions in order to get the best possible results and to be sure that the margin of error is minimal.

jgod optics test assault rifle
(Picture: JGOD)

After extensive testing of all three assault rifles with various optics, he has put a spreadsheet to compare his results.

And the results show that the new Cold War optics can significantly help with recoil reduction, as is shown in the spreadsheet.

Axial Arms 3x and Royal & Kross 4x are showing great results paired with the FARA 83. Compared to Iron sights, x3 gives 15% vertical and 16.5% horizontal recoil reduction. The numbers are even better with 4x optic, with 19% less horizontal recoil.

jgod optics test assault rifle
(Picture: JGOD)

Improvements are not as drastic for the CW AK47, but still fairly good. Axial Arms 3x gives 6% vertical and 9.9% horizontal recoil reduction, and it actually performs better than x4 optic, which is not as optimized for AK47, but still gives softer recoil than just using Iron Sights.

With everything taken into consideration, JGOD concludes that the AMAX will still be the best options for a long-range assault rifle, both because of its strong damage and because it packs 60 bullets, and now with new optics, the weapon will be even deadlier on long distances.

If you want to understand better JGOD's testing process and hear all the little details, make sure to check out his video below.


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