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Call of Duty
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London Royal Ravens replace Alexx for Zed ahead of CDL Stage 1 Major

Due to personal family matters, London Royal Ravens have swapped Alexx for Zed on their roster heading into the Call of Duty League Stage 1 Major.
Zach “Zed” Denyer will replace Alex “Alexx” Carpenter on the London Royal Ravens roster for the Call of Duty League Stage 1 Major. 

Zed, who previously played for Paris Legion last year, will be standing in for Alexx who has had to return to the UK due to “personal family matters”. 

It’s unclear however whether Zed’s stint on the team could be for a longer period, with the London Royal Ravens having a pretty dismal start to the season with a 0-5 record. 

This is the second swap London Royal Ravens have had to make this season, with Trei “Zer0” Morris being temporarily replaced by Christopher “Parasite” Duarte due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The team are set to go up against Toronto Ultra in their first match of the CDL Stage 1 Major, which acts as the climax of the first leg of the season. 

The Call of Duty League Stage 1 Major kicks off Wednesday 3rd March on YouTube.