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Modern Warfare 2 Dataminers Officially Reveal Ghost's Face For The First Time

Dataminers have removed the mask of Taskforce 141's enigmatic figure, Simon "Ghost" Oreily, and he sort of looks like Buzz Lightyear.
Modern Warfare 2 Dataminers Officially Reveal Ghost's Face For The First Time

For as long as he's been in the game, Simon "Ghost" Oreily has been an enigmatic figure of Taskforce 141 that has sparked a ton of fan speculation and given rise to many interesting theories concerning his supposed identity. However, all of this has now been laid to rest after data miners dug through the game files to reveal Ghost's face for the first time.

Per a post by Redditor Crafty_Astronomer905 on 23 November 2022, dataminers managed to remove Ghost's mask after the campaign's elusive face reveal where Soap teases him about the mask. During this moment, Ghost shows Soap his face but turns away from the camera's view. Followingly, the files containing the character's previously unseen face were shared publically for Call of Duty players to feast on for the first time (see below).

Accordingly, the leaked image of Ghost's face shows a caucasian man with faint reddish paint around his eyes. As a result, several previous fan theories regarding the man behind Ghost's mask were debunked, including those alleging that Ghost was Roach or Alex. On a more humorous note, now that his mask has been removed, some fans believe he bears a striking resemblance to a well-known big-chinned astronaut from our childhood. "He looks identical to the Buzz from the Lightyear movie. I hate everything about this," wrote one Reddit user. "I can’t unsee it," commented a second, and "To Al Mazrah… and beyond!" said a third.

Modern Warfare 2 Data miners officially reveal Ghost's face for the first time Rumors Debunked
All previous theories regarding Ghosts' identity have been debunked following his face reveal.

As it currently stands, we're uncertain where this new character will fit into the Modern Warfare 2 ethos since Activision didn't officially make this reveal. Still, we may see an unmasked Ghost operator in the future; this would be a neat idea for fans who have been in love with the character for years. What are your thoughts on Ghost's face? Let us know by sharing your thoughts with us on social media.

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