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Modern Warfare 2 Leaks Reveal Vehicle Gameplay

Recent leaks have revealed some of the vehicle gameplay that players can expect to see in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
Modern Warfare 2 Leaks Reveal Vehicle Gameplay

With Modern Warfare 2 coming in fast, players are getting ready and getting excited to jump back into what is still regarded as the most popular Call of Duty title to date. This excitement has been met with tons of leaks that serve to fuel the anticipation and none more so than the recent leak that has revealed some interesting mechanics surrounding the vehicles in the game.

So below we will be laying out everything we know about the recent leaks that have revealed the possible vehicle gameplay that we will be seeing once the game drops. So without any hesitation, let's jump right in.

Modern Warfare 2 Leaks Reveal Vehicle Gameplay

New vehicle mechanics for MW2 were revealed in the most recent gameplay footage. To no surprise, Activision has previously acknowledged that players can climb onto vehicle rooftops, lean out of vehicles while armed, perform vehicle repairs, and refuel vehicles at gas stations. Even Helicopter Troop Carriers and amphibious vehicles were mentioned by the developers.

Recently, however, Twitter user 3rbbcod posted the leaked footage that showcases these in action. Their account has been recently suspended, however, but thanks to Reddit user PK-Ricochet, the footage is still available to view, and boy does it look fantastic.

We are shown a player jumping from one vehicle into the bed of a truck before throwing the driver out of the truck and taking over the driver’s seat. An indicator then reveals vehicle health for different truck parts, turning red after colliding with another vehicle.

This is very unique when compared to previous vehicle mechanics in Call of Duty since this likely means vehicles have modular damage systems and repair options available to them. Which gives players some extra things to consider when taking to the open road, but also more leeway since a broken section of a vehicle won't render the entire thing a useless ball of fire anymore.

Modern Warfare 2 Leaks Reveal Vehicle Gameplay leaked footage shows vehicle damage and leaning out of vehicle to fire
The leaked footage shows us vehicles taking damage to specific areas and the ability to shoot while driving. (Picture: Activision)

The driver displays a new mechanic as well; shooting while leaning out the window. It will be interesting to see if the same features are present in Warzone 2 since the gameplay appears to have been captured from a Campaign mission, and both games are being developed in the same engine by Infinity Ward this time around.

Speaking of campaign missions, a second leaked video showcases what appears to be a mission in which a player shows off Modern Warfare 2's new swimming mechanics. In this clip, we see a character swimming through the water in what looks like a doc area with ships in the background which gives us a glimpse of the graphical fidelity of the game, along with the swimming speed underwater and mechanics involved.

Modern Warfare 2 Leaks Reveal Vehicle Gameplay Pre-order to see these leaks for yourself
Pre-order MW2 now to confirm these vehicle mechanic leaks for yourself when the game arrives. (Picture: Activision)

For now, that's all we know regarding the leaks surrounding the vehicle mechanics showcased in the game. But if you want to grab the game as soon as it releases on 28th October 2022, (or even earlier), then be sure to pre-order the game to earn early access to its Open Beta, and you could be swimming around and crashing vehicles in MW2 sooner rather than later.

For more on the iconic FPS franchise, check out our section dedicated to Call of Duty guides, news, features, leaks, and more.


All featured images are courtesy of Activision.

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