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NICKMERCS interrogation of Warzone hacker reveals poor state of anti-cheat

Those who play Warzone, in particular on PC, know that the game suffers fairly severely from hackers. NICKMERCS knows this too, and he finally gets the opportunity for an impromptu interrogation.
NICKMERCS interrogation of Warzone hacker reveals poor state of anti-cheat
In a recent stream by NICKMERCS, featuring guest appearances from TimTheTatman, DrLupo, and Cloakzy, the Warzone squad attempted to win a game using only sniper classes. The match was going well so far, with all members of the team racking up a number of kills and NICKMERCS popping off with more than just a few knifings. 

However, the team was quickly wiped when a stream-sniping hacker entered the match and decided to ruin the game for everyone. Mocking Tim’s username, hacker [TIMBO]TheFatManKEKW defeats the streaming squad before going on to win the game completely thanks to the use of aim-lock and wall-hack software.

Before he gets his Warzone Victory, however, NICKMERCS and the gang take the time to interrogate the hacker live on stream. Through the use of in-game nods and head-shakes, as well as the thumbs up emote and even counting gunshots, the hacker is able to communicate with the streamers.

Warzone hacker, Warzone cheater, Nickmercs cheater
NICKMERCS used the opportunity to learn more about the world of Warzone cheating. (Picture: NICKMERCS)

TimTheTatman points out that this hacker has been in several of his games before, and mentions that he’s got this very hacker banned twice already. By using their pre-established, simple communication system, the hacker informs the stream that this is his third account. 

Warzone hacker, Warzone cheater, Nickmercs cheater
(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Since Warzone is free, Tim is able to come to the conclusion that the ban is tied only to your account, rather than to hardware or an IP. Therefore, any hackers caught cheating can simply make a new profile and start again, with no punishment accrued besides losing their progress.

NICKMERCS also learns that the hacker is 27 years old, only 13 or 14 years older than the streamers predicted he’d be. He also asks the stream-sniper to leave them alone in future, now that they’d bonded. Although initially, TheFatManKEKW gives a thumbs up, he quickly seems to change his mind and shakes his head.

If we had to guess, this Warzone hacker has already been banned again and is on his next account.

This stream revealed a huge issue with Call of Duty: Warzone’s anti-cheat system and it’s one that desperately needs to be fixed. Now that those who can’t handle losing know that there’s no permanent punishment for hacking, it’s actually perhaps even more likely that they’ll seek out the third-party software for themselves.