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NYSL $100K WarzoneMania June tournament: Schedule, teams, how to watch, more

When is New York Subliners’ WarzoneMania $100,000 tournament and where to watch it? Find out this and other info, including streams, schedule, teams, captains, players, and more.
NYSL $100K WarzoneMania June tournament: Schedule, teams, how to watch, more
New York Subliners are back with yet another WarzoneMania event.

The New York-based Call of Duty team is holding the second $100K WarzoneMania event this June, and it will gather some of the biggest Warzone content creators and professional Call of Duty players.

With huge stars and US$100,000 on the line, we are guaranteed to watch an epic event with many memorable moments.

Check out further below to find out all the details about the event.

New York Subliners WarzoneMania Schedule

New York Subliners WarzoneMania June Stream Schedule
(Picture: NYSL)

The competition will span across two days, starting on 7th June and ending on the next day.

Day 1 (7th June) - Qualification day 

Day 2 (8th June) - Top 8 Finals

The event will start at 10 pm CET / 4  pm ET / 1 pm PT / on both days.

NYSL WarzoneMania rules and format

  • The first day will be a standard kill race for five hours.
  • Each team will submit their scores, with the top eight teams moving on to Day Two.

NYSL WarzoneMania Teams and Players

The draft has been completed on 2nd June and we now know all teams and players, which you can see below.

Team Captain Players
IceManIsaac QueenShadows, Bbreadman, Exzachtt
Destroy AngelAT, clutchbelk, Dougisraw
EmZ Fifakill, Smitty, WarsZ
Kalei Renay Pieman, UnRationaL, BobbyPoff
Angelika Tommey, Stukawaki, Frozone
Swagg SenseiSwishem, Booya, Rallied
HusKerrs P90Princess, JoeWo, YKTDeleo
Aydan Dani, ScummN, Karma
Jukeyz FiveByFive, MuTeX, Metaphor
TeeP HollyyLive, Blazt, Vikkstar
Zlaner BrittneyRaines, SuperEvan, ShadedStep
Smixie Almond, Newbz, LEGIQN


NYSL WarzoneMania prize pool

New York Subliners WarzoneMania June teams players
(Picture: NYSL)

As we've already mentioned, the event boasts a hefty US$100,000 prize pool.

The winner will take $50,000, second place will earn $30,000, and third place will take home $20,000.

NYSL WarzoneMania June stream: how to watch?

New York Subliners’ WarzoneMania June tournament will be broadcasted live on the official New York Subliners Twitch channel.

Additionally, you will be able to watch the event via the personal Twitch channels of the participating players.