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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Reddit faces Activision legal action over Warzone battle royale leaker

One of the individuals responsible for sharing leaked information about the rumoured Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale mode is now facing legal action by the publisher.
After leaks and rumours circulated relating to a mode called 'Warzone' in Modern Warfare, many were excited to hear about the return of a battle royale within Call of Duty.

Multiple outlets have begun to speculate on release dates and features that will be appearing and comparing it to the previous battle royale mode Blackout that debuted in Black Ops 4.

Activision were not excited and has instead decided to pursue legal action across the internet and through US courts.

YouTube channel TheGamingRevolution had posted footage of the 'Warzone' mode and shared a Tweet suggesting leaked images were legitimate, both the YouTube and Twitter accounts used to spread this information have been suspended.

Activision has also requested a DMCA subpoena against Reddit in the hopes of identifying Reddit user /u/Assyrian2410.

It appears the Redditor who posted a thread titled "I found this image online. Not sure what it is. Possibly Battle Royale" onto /r/ModernWarfare is the main person of interest for infringing Activision content. While the title suggested the user came across the image, it was revealed in the thread that they had possibly been sent the image from a source involved with the development or at Activision itself.

A moderator for the subreddit had a Tweet blocked by Activision which now cannot be seen on the platform.


The DMCA gives 28th February as the date by which Reddit must provide information, including name(s), address(es), telephone number(s), e-mail address(es), and IP address(es) sufficient to identify the individuals for posting content under the username "Assyrian2410" as a result of the thread.

It is likely that Activision is trying to find the source of the leak rather than punish the user who shared the image in order to prevent information getting out in the future about other releases.

The Call of Duty League continues on after two initial weekends in Minneapolis and London, with the third week hosted by Atlanta FaZe at the Gateway Center Arena in College Park, Georgia on 22-23rd February.