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Call of Duty
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Shroud weighs in on Warzone controller vs keyboard and mouse debate

In a new video on the FPS master’s YouTube channel, Shroud discusses the difference between standard mouse and keyboard vs controllers when it comes to balancing Warzone.

With two very different methods of playing Call of Duty: Warzone, it’s hard to find a balance between controller and keyboard and mouse players that leaves both side happy. After dying to a pair of users that Shroud immediately labels “controller players”, the streamer details his thoughts on the current state of Warzone.

“For real though, using a pistol like people do on controller is insane. It’s so easy, on the controller, and it’s so hard to pistol on the PC - like so hard.” Shroud explains.

There are some advantages that only apply to those playing on a mouse and keyboard, however, and Shroud goes on to detail the specifics.

“PC: sniping’s easier. Pistol: console’s easier. Everything in between is pretty well balanced. For the most part.”

shroud controller vs keyboard and mouse KBM warzone debate
(Picture: Infinity Ward)

As for SMGs, LMGs, and rifles, the Twitch streamer claims that the rest of the game’s arsenal is pretty well adjusted. Responding to a claim that console users win in really close gunfights, Shroud comments that it depends on how close, but also mentions that arguments like this don’t really matter.

“It’s f***ing CoD bro, we’re running on dogs*** servers. No offence to CoD, I understand having 150 people in this size of a map is very hard.”

This isn’t the first time that the streamer has voiced his displeasure at the latest Call of Duty, and it’s only been a couple of days since Shroud quit Warzone due to a blatant cheater. There’s clearly a lot holding the game back from being great, and controller vs KBM balance is just the tip of the iceberg.