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Snoop Dogg Operator skin teased in Vanguard Warzone Season 2 leak

Call of Duty leaks suggests that Snoop Dogg might be a playable Operator in COD Vanguard Warzone Season 2.
Snoop Dogg Operator skin teased in Vanguard Warzone Season 2 leak
Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone's Season 2 update is arguably one of the most anticipated gameplay patches yet. The next seasonal update boasts a slew of new content, ranging from new POIs, weapons and vehicles to map changes and new limited-time game modes.

Beyond this, there is a shiny new battle pass for players to digest, offering new Killstreaks and perks, and over 30 top community-requested quality of life improvements and bug fixes. However, more recently, leakers have discovered yet another secret addition potentially headed our way.

Call of Duty leaks hint at Snoop Dogg Operator skin

According to a Twitter post by trusted leaker ZestyCODLeaks, Activision is working on concept artwork for a new Snoop Dogg Operator skin. A different reliable leaker, TheGhostOfHope, also confirmed this.

While not yet officially confirmed, the leaked image hints at the possibility that Snoop Dogg could be a new playable Operator in Vanguard and Warzone, sporting classic World War II soldier's attire, an MP-40 submachine gun, and combat knife.

snoop dogg rumoured to be playable operator cod vanguard warzone season 2
Concept artwork for a Snoop Dogg Operator skin in Call of Duty: Vanguard. (Picture: Twitter / ZestyCODLeaks)

As noted by the Video Games Chronicle, this wouldn't be the first time a Call of Duty game would feature the American rapper. In April 2014, Snoop Dogg lent his voice for a Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer voice pack.

The rapper narrated the player's gunfights, Killstreaks and alerted players to their enemy's activity in the game.

At this time, it's unclear exactly when the Snoop Dogg Operator will arrive in Vanguard or Warzone matches; however, some fans seem to think that an appropriate launch date would be 20th April (or 4/20) for obvious reasons.

Overall, the response from players appears to be positive, with many weed-related references. "Probably comes with a (sic) execution where he smokes you out until you overdose," said one Twitter user. "All he needs is weed camos," said a second. "COD is saved," rejoiced a third.

Snoop Dogg's entry into Vanguard and Warzone as a playable character would undoubtedly be an interesting one, so we'll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments.


Featured image courtesy of Activision / Snoop Dogg / Unsplash.