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The Last Dance in Verdansk Warzone event: Schedule, teams, how to watch, more

With the release of Vanguard nearing, it's time to say bye to Verdansk, The Last Dance of Verdansk tournament hopes to do that with a high level of competition and over $150,000 on the line.
BoomTV and Activision are teaming up to give Warzone's iconic Verdansk map the send-off it deserves with a $150,000 prize pool tournament.

The Last Dance of Verdansk will see some of the game's most storied pros and content creators battle it out, first through their qualifying heat, and then the main event in November.

The event promises to be something quite unlike anything we have seen before, the brainchild of one of the game's developers with plenty of surprises in store -- not only for the players -- but the viewers at home too and in an effort to say "goodbye to Verdansk"

“Activision came to us and said hey, we have this absolutely ridiculous idea,” recounted BoomTV's Marketing Manager Dakota Harding. “We don’t know if it would even work, can you please either talk some sense into us, or tell us we’re ridiculous.”

What is the surprise? Few know.

"The only people that know are those on the Activision team and our team internally," explained Harding.

If you want to learn all that we do know about this event, then you have come to the right place, as we break down The Last Dance in Verdansk.

The Last Dance in Verdansk - schedule

  • Qualifiers: 
    • 20th October starts at 9 pm UTC
    • 21st October starts at 9 pm UTC
    • 27th October starts at 9 pm UTC
  • Main event:
    • 2nd November


There are three qualifiers (one of which has already taken place), each of which sees 40 duos (120 in total) battle it out for a place in the Mini Royale grand final.  The games are played in custom lobbies so that means all your favourite pros are facing off against each other.

The five top duos from each qualifying round will make it to the main event, the winning team from each qualifier takes home $25,000 from the $150,000 prize pool.

The remaining $75,000 is reserved for the main event.



1st Place: 2x Multi
2nd-10th: 1.6x Multi
11th-20th: 1.3x Multi
21st-40th: 1x Multi

1 Kill = 1 Point


1st: $10,000 
2nd: $6,500 
3rd: $5,000 
4th: $2,500 
5th: $1,000 

The Last Dance in Verdansk - Qualifier #1 results

The Last Dance in Verdansk qualifier 1
(Picture: BoomTV)

How to watch The Last Dance in Verdansk

The Last Dance in Verdansk will have an official broadcast, covering all the competitors, on BoomTV's Twitch channel.

Each duo must also have at least one of their players streaming their action too, so you will likely be able to catch the action from your favourite Warzone player from their stream.

We have embedded BoomTV's Twitch channel below for your convenience.


Featured image courtesy of BoomTV.