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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Top 5 best series' of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The sun has finally set on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 competitive season, with CoD Champs and eUnited's historic win feeling like a distant memory now.

But, like every year, the Black Ops 4 season was rife with incredible moments, clutch plays and truly fantastic series. Let's take a look at what we think are the top 5 series to have taken place in Black Ops 4.

5. OpTic Gaming vs. Gen.G – CWL Anaheim Loser's Final


This almost looked to be a passing of the torch moment at CWL Anaheim, as the veterans on OpTic Gaming (as well as Dashy and TJHaly) traded tight maps with the young guns on Gen.G, eventually falling in game 5

4. Splyce vs. OpTic Gaming – CWL Vegas Winner's Final


What more could you want from a series? The first winner's final of the year featured a reverse sweep, an incredible Hardpoint comeback and the core of the OpTic dynasty finding themselves in a winning position for the first time in a long time. It set up storylines for the opening events of the season and was a genuinely exciting matchup to watch.

3. Gen.G vs. 100 Thieves – CWL Finals Loser's Round 3


This series was so significant because, for the first time in a couple of months, we saw 100 Thieves look human. They weren't the dominant force they were in London or Anaheim, and the mask started to fall. Plus, who could forget that Maux play to win the match and book Gen.G's spot in the grand final.

2. eUnited vs. Gen.G – CWL Finals Grand Final


The only match in this list to not go to a game five (technically it went to a game eight, but you know what I mean), the CWL Finals grand final was perhaps one of the most emotional matchups of the year. There were so many storylines behind it; on the eUnited side, Clayster going 1400 days without a championship, Simp and Abezy looking for their first ever, Prestinni and Arcitys chasing one despite facing so much hardship and potential breakups.

On the Gen.G side, all five players were still looking for their first ever championship, and it really seemed that this may be the one.

What ensued was one of the greatest matches CoD esports has seen in a long time.

1. 100 Thieves vs. FaZe – CWL Championship, Loser's Round 1


This is one of those series that it's almost hard to believe it actually happened, unless you witnessed it first-hand. The only match that could have possibly knocked eUnited's CWL Finals win out of first place, is maybe the best comeback to ever occur in Call of Duty. Down 2-0 in the series, 2-0 in Map 3, 100 Thieves were quite literally hanging by a thread – but that thread was all they needed to rally and show the world that they're still that team.

What were your top 5 series of Black Ops 4? Think we've missed out anything major? Let us know in the comments!