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Twitch Rivals Warzone runner-up banned following cheating accusations

Twitch streamer and Warzone player AAmerica has been banned from Twitch amidst several accusations of alleged cheating.
Twitch Rivals Warzone runner-up banned following cheating accusations
Just recently Activision has announced that more than 500,000 cheaters have been banned from Call of Duty: Warzone up to this date.

And while that does seem like a lot, the popular battle royale title is unfortunately still plagued with cheaters, which is an unavoidable side effect of its huge popularity, as it has been revealed that more than 100M gamers play the game on monthly basis.

Poor anti-cheat measures and the game's F2P system mean that everyone can simply make another account for free and start playing again.

But the cheating issue is not only a problem for regular players and public matches, as the game's thriving competitive scene is full of almost constant cheating accusations and drama revolving around tournaments with the same question - did that guy cheat or is he simply just a good player?

The latest case involves Warzone player and streamer AAmerica.

Warzone Twitch Rivals cheater banned
(Picture: Twitch)

He has become more prominent following his excellent results at the Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl event from January 2021, a tournament overshadowed by another "cheating" drama. His trio took second place and he was crowned MVP of the event, winning US$11,000 in total.

AAmerica's Twitch channel is unavailable at the time of writing, but no info has been shared in regards to reasons for this ban, though it should be noted that the ban came shortly after accusations of cheating started appearing.

AAmerica cheating accusations and clips

The first details on AAmerica's cheating case were shared by a popular Warzone news portal ModernWarzone

According to this report, he has allegedly been "caught asking for 'stream safe' cheats on a hacking/cheating forum".

Simz, another Warzone player and streamer, has shared several clips via Twitter where it can allegedly be seen that AAmerica is using some kind of wallhack.

Simz provided four clips where he thinks AAmerica acted suspiciously, claiming that "there is no way" he wasn't using cheats.

Following the accusations and the ban, AAmerica addressed the situation, claiming that he has received death threats and that it will likely force him to delete his Twitter account.

Later on, he provided more information on his case, claiming that he is innocent and that he'll "prove you all wrong and do the same stuff on a console or at LANs."

According to an image he shared, it seems that he hasn't been banned permanently, rather suspended for a day, the reason being "unmoderated hateful conduct."

He admits that the rumours about him asking for "stream safe cheats" are true, but claims that he wasn't playing Cold War at the time.

If he was really banned because of cheating we might never find out, but the whole case once again shows just how messy things are in the competitive Warzone community, due to the game lacking an active anti-cheat.

As long as Raven and Activision don't provide good anti-cheat tools, there will always be accusations and distrust amongst players.