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Call of Duty
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Over 500k Warzone cheaters have been banned

Raven Software has announced that over half a million cheaters have been banned in Warzone thus far.
It's no secret for Call of Duty fans, or anyone really, that Warzone has a bit of a cheating problem. Since the game's release, there's been a multitude of cheaters, and the fight against cheaters continue for the developers. Back in October 2020, Activision announced that over 200,000 cheaters have been banned from Warzone following an anti-cheat update that detected the infamous EngineOwning cheats and in February 2021, Raven Software and Activision announced 300,000 cheaters have been smacked by the banhammer. Now, the number of cheaters banned has reached a new milestone.

Over half a million Warzone cheaters banned

Earlier this year, developer Raven Software promised to keep Warzone clean, and it appears that in three months, another 200,000 cheaters have been banned. This puts the total number of cheat users in Warzone (on all platforms) at over half a million.

Raven Software announced this good news (if you aren't a cheat user) on Twitter, explaining that: "Banned over 30,000 malicious accounts across Call of Duty yesterday... bringing us to over half a million accounts banned in Warzone."

Warzone cheaters cheats accounts banned half a million 500,000 raven software activision(Picture: Activision)

Despite this good news, some are claiming they've been banned unfairly, or due to hackers using their account to cheat without their consent.

While the developers are clearly trying to clean up Warzone, the game is, of course, free-to-play, which means people can create new accounts, cheat in a match, get banned, then repeat the cycle.

Warzone cheaters cheats accounts banned half a million 500,000 raven software activision(Picture: Activision)

This means Warzone might never be completely clean of cheaters. However, it is good to see the developer is trying, and over 500,000 accounts isn't a small number by any stretch of the imagination.

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