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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

UK pro CoD players share their financial losses at the hands of dodgy orgs

A small collection of British Call of Duty players have taken to Twitter to talk about the tens of thousands of pounds they are owed by previous teams.

The discussions were kicked off by David "Dqvee" Davies, who tweeted out about being owed £13,800.


When asked who still owes him money, Dqvee was very honest about what exactly he's missing out on.


Epsilon has been a mainstay in European esports for years now, and it's genuinely disappointing to see them leave a player who brought so much exposure and talent to the organisation in such a dire situation. Lightning Pandas, meanwhile, dropped its Call of Duty roster earlier this year, seemingly because of financial issues.

If Dqvee's allegations are true, it definitely brings into question the professionalism and capabilities of the organisations and people involved.

FaZe Clan player Trei "Zer0" Morris also replied to Dqvee, mentioning how much he is owed from previous organisation Red Reserve, which suddenly disappeared just a couple of months ago.


$50,000 is a serious amount of money to be denied by your organisation, but to put it simply the orgs have the power in most of these situations and are able to let their players down like this. It has been an ever-present problem in esports and Dqvee, Zer0 and co. are just some very high-profile (and high-cost) examples of what players are going through every day.

This is all some pretty bad publicity for Call of Duty esports, which has seen its fair share of drama throughout this Black Ops 4 season, with Pro League organisations Excelerate, Midnight, Red Reserve and Denial all facing serious issues either refusing to or unable to pay their players.

With franchising coming in to Call of Duty next year, hopefully we won't be hearing too much about issues like these in the future... Our fingers are crossed.