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Everything To Unlock Before COD Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

Here's a breakdown of everything you can look forward to unlocking before the start of Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.
Everything To Unlock Before COD Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

We're hot on the heels of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's release, and with it comes tons of content to enjoy before we officially kick off Season 1 of the iconic first-person shooter. Players will have time to unlock tons of weapons, attachments, additional operators, and much more.

So without further delay, let's look at everything you can unlock before Modern Warfare 2 Season 1. And all the pre-season content we'll be enjoying over the next few weeks.  

Everything To Unlock Before COD MW2 Season 1

As stated in the official Call of Duty Launch Progression Overview, players will have 20 days from the launch of Modern Warfare 2 on the 28th of October, until the 26 November, when Season 1 begins to take advantage of all the pre-season content. This content aims to help you rank up levels and take advantage of the multiple progression systems, which could help you get ahead of your rivals come Season 1. 

Campaign Rewards

Everything To Unlock Before Modern Warfare 2 Season Campaign Rewards
Players can grab tons of rewards by completing the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign. (Picture: Activision)

Before heading into the Special Ops and Multiplayer, players have the opportunity right now to complete the Campaign during early access and gain some sought-after rewards. You can get the Union Guard Weapon Blueprint, four Double XP and four Double Weapon XP Tokens, four base Operators, and an assortment of Task Force 141–themed cosmetics just by playing through the main game.

These can be used in the other two Modern Warfare II game modes, as well as WarzoneTM 2.0, which will be available in Season 01 of the game. It provides a solid foundation of in-game and player profile items that may be useful to you during your launch progression journey.

Military Ranks

Everything To Unlock Before Modern Warfare 2 Season Military Ranks
Progressing through Military Ranks also net you some sweet rewards. (Picture: Activision)

Your main progression journey begins in the Military Ranks across Multiplayer and Special Ops, as well as Warzone 2.0 via cross-progression. For those who are unfamiliar with the traditional rank system, your actions across all game modes earn Player XP, which eventually unlocks the following items, among others:

  • Additional default Loadouts in Multiplayer
  • The ability to customize Multiplayer Loadouts, as well as Warzone 2.0 weapons (Rank 4).
  • All weapon platforms, the majority of which can be edited in the Gunsmith (Gunsmithable).
  • Lethal and Tactical Equipment for Multiplayer Loadouts.
  • Perks, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks, part of Multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 Daily and Career Challenges

There are two challenge systems in Modern Warfare 2: Daily Challenges and Career Challenges.

Everything To Unlock Before Modern Warfare 2 Season Daily and Career Challenges
There are two new Challenge paths for players to partake in and claim various rewards from. (Picture: Activision)

Daily Challenges give thousands of XP every 24 hours, while Career Challenges set up milestones to work toward throughout your experience in Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0, granting a massive amount of XP and cosmetic rewards like Calling Cards upon completion.

Daily Multiplayer challenge types:

  • A general challenge that may not require much change in play style
  • A weapon challenge that focuses on a specific weapon category
  • A special challenge that encourages exploration with specific Loadout features, such as a using a specific field upgrade or perk
  • After completing all three dailies, a bonus challenge unlocks. It is a "split" objective that allows you to make progress toward one of two objectives. Once one of the two objectives is completed, an XP reward is given.

Daily Spec Ops challenges:

  • The first daily is generic, which means it can be completed in any mission.
  • The second and third daily challenges can be generic or mission-specific or co-operative specific.
  • The Bonus Challenge is a "split" objective with the choice of one of two mission challenges.

*Take note that Multiplayer dailies only award XP, but two of the Spec Ops dailies award Spec Ops Stars in addition to XP. 

In addition to Daily Challenges, there are Multiplayer and Special Ops Career Challenges available at launch. Some of these, like match wins and kills, will come naturally as a result of simply playing the game. Others, such as achieving kills with a specific weapon category or obtaining Long shots, may necessitate a change in your play style.

Career Challenge in Multiplayer may have several milestone steps that award XP and may also grant Calling Cards. You can even keep pushing to complete a Career Challenge, which grants you more XP and a Calling Card.

COD MW2 Spec Ops

Players can advance through Spec Ops in a variety of ways in addition to the multiplayer leveling grind. Although it is the traditional co-op mission where players select a kit based on how the in-game role they want to fulfill, it will now be based on a Star System (more on that below). 

Each week, Spec Ops missions must be completed to earn Stars. For merely completing the mission, players receive one Star, and by completing missions under specific guidelines, such as within a deadline, you can earn three more stars. 

Players can no longer obtain additional Stars for the week by finishing missions alone after obtaining the maximum number of Stars (three) on a mission. From there, players will need to complete the daily Spec Ops challenges mentioned above to earn more than three Stars.

Career Stars and Kits

Every Star earned contributes to two distinct systems: Career Stars and Kit Stars, the latter of which is tied to Kit Tier progression. Career Stars are used to gain access to rewards such as extra kits (the Medic Kit unlocks at 1 Star and the Recon Kit unlocks at 3 Stars) and items.

Everything To Unlock Before Modern Warfare 2 Season Black Ops Stars and Kits
Players can earn Career Stars and Kit Stars to unlock more items and upgrades when playing Special Ops. (Picture: Activision)

While earning Career Stars, you will earn stars for the specific Kit you use during Special Ops Missions. Earning Kit Stars allows you to advance through a Kit's Tiers, granting you more active and passive abilities while playing with that Kit. Tiering up the Assault Kit, for example, unlocks faster Loadout item usage, increased armor capacity, and more.

Weapon Progression Platforms

Players will also want to advance through the weapon platforms in Modern Warfare 2. The game includes 33 Platforms and 51 weapons to unlock, the majority of which have attachments to unlock as you progress as well.

Each platform in this new weapon platform system has its progression tree that details every unlock within that platform. For instance, once a specific barrel is unlocked for one gun, it becomes available to all weapons in that same shared Platform. 

Everything To Unlock Before Modern Warfare 2 Season Weapon platform and progression
The new weapons platform and progression gives players tons of customizations and upgrade options for all weapons in the game. (Picture: Activision)

Some attachments will be Platform-specific, while others will be shared with other compatible weapons or "receivers," as they're now called. Essentially, this allows players to unlock attachments faster because they don't have to unlock the same attachment for different guns over and over.

Reaching max level with a weapon now unlocks the weapon tuning option, which allows you to further customize and fine-tune attachments. Each attachment will include sliders for adjusting one or more attributes. 

Weapon tuning is essentially a game of cause and effect. For example, adjusting a barrel for better recoil will have an impact on another attribute, such as movement speed.


In Modern Warfare 2, players will have access to a Mil-Sim operator by default for the KorTac and SpecGru factions. 18 additional operators can be unlocked by playing the campaign, multiplayer, and Spec Ops.

Everything To Unlock Before Modern Warfare 2 Season new Operators
Modern Warfare 2 will see tons of new operators for players to unlock and play during the various game modes. (Picture: Activision)

However, four of the operators can only be unlocked by completing the campaign in early access. Below are all the operators that will present in Modern warfare 2 along with how to unlock them:

During Campaign Early Access, you can unlock these four Operators:

  • Chuy —Complete “Cartel Protection” (Mission 6).

  • Nova — Complete “Violence and Timing” (Mission 10).

  • Reyes — Complete “Prison Break” (Mission 14).

  • Hutch — Complete “Ghost Team” (Mission 16).

The other 14 can be unlocked through the following game modes:

  • König, Kleo, Zimo, and Roze — General challenges (can be completed in Multiplayer or Warzone 2.0, when it launches).

  • Luna, Gromsko, and Zero — Special Ops–Specific challenges (all awarded for completing each mission available at launch).

  • Aksel, Conor, Fender, Gus, Horangi, Stiletto — Multiplayer-specific challenges.

There are also a few other Operators that you can automatically unlock at launch:

  • Price, Soap, Farah, and Ghost —Included in the Red Team 141 Operator Pack, part of the Modern Warfare II Vault Edition.

  • Oni — Exclusive to those playing on PlayStation consoles who digitally preordered the game through the PlayStation store.

Finally, one exclusive Operator Skin for Horangi, "Collision," is automatically granted to any account that reached Level 18 during the Modern Warfare II Open Beta. If you want to use Horangi's Base Skin, you must first complete his Base Operator Challenge.

Camo Completionists challenges

Last but not least, many Call of Duty players enjoy grinding camo challenges, and Activision have not disappointed as they have revealed what players can expect to unlock with base and mastery camo challenges. At launch, there will be over 180 different base camos available. There are four mastery camos to be unlocked as well.

Everything To Unlock Before Modern Warfare 2 Season Camo completionists
There will also be tons of new camos in different tiers for players to unlock and spice up the look of their favoutire weapons. (Picture: Activision)

Mastery camos must be unlocked separately for each weapon, and they come in four different designs: Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion.

  • The Gold camo challenge becomes available once all of a weapon's base camo challenges have been completed.

  • The Platinum camo challenge is available for each weapon once the Gold camo is unlocked across a certain number of weapons in each category.

  • The Polyatomic camo challenge for each weapon becomes available once the Platinum camo is unlocked across a minimum of 51 weapons.

  • The Orion Camo is a reward for unlocking Polyatomic Camo across a minimum of 51 weapons. It is also automatically granted on every weapon that earns the Orion Camo past its minimum requirement.

While all of this progression is accessible right away, once Season 1 begins on November 16 with the release of Warzone 2.0, there will probably be more seasonal challenges to grind. So be sure to jump into Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as soon as you can to enjoy all of this awesome pre-season content. 

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