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Warzone Gas Mask Errors Causing Problems For Players

Players are voicing their frustration with the gas mask that's causing problems during Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.
Warzone Gas Mask Errors Causing Problems For Players
Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 has just recently received its mid-season update, dubbed Reloaded, and while it offers tons of new content to enjoy, it's far from perfect as some players have been pointing out. One of these flaws that have players frustrated is the controversial gas mask that is stirring up trouble for players.

So below we'll take a look into this gas mask error that has been causing problems for many players, causing them to get slaughtered without doing anything wrong. And while this is frustrating, there is also news about a possible fix to this issue on the horizon.

Warzone Gas Mask Errors Causing Problems For Players

Warzone Gas Mask Errors Causing Problems For Players Issue from Reddit users
Various Reddit users have complained about the broken gas mask mechanic in Call of Duty Warzone. (Picture: Activision)

The gas masks in Warzone have been prevalent in the game and are the common solution to avoid and negate the damage you receive when entering or being hit by gas grenades and ambushes. The way this usually works is that when players enter the gas, an automatic animation fires off that put on your gas mask if you have one in your inventory, pretty simple right?

Well according to a recent Warzone Reddit post, fans are complaining that Raven Software cant get the masks right, as new issues have cropped up with the mask in addition to the previous issues. One Reddit user describes a new issue that appeared, stating: “Thanks devs, now every time I go into the gas, even with a gas mask on, I take a tick of damage and make a loud ass cough sound so the enemy knows exactly where I am, even though I’m wearing a gas mask. Just take out the stupid animation please it seems like they’re never going to get it right.”

This means the mask itself isn't doing anything at all, as players can take damage and give off a loud cough, giving up their position, both effects that the gas mask should negate. And with the top comment writing: “Agree! It is so annoying,” indicates that this is not an isolated incident.

Another user wrote: ”Dude, two days ago I intentionally stayed in the gas so my operator would put the mask on and then I could shoot people running into the zone from inside the gas, instead I never put it on for the 3 seconds I was standing in gas and taking gas damage. Decided to just go in zone and fight, the instant I’m outside the gas the mask puts itself on and I lose the gunfight, like what?”

Warzone Gas Mask Errors Causing Problems For Players Possibility for toggle feature fix in Season 5
A possible implementation of a toggle feature for the gas mask in Season 5 might fix this error. (Picture: Activision)

Making it quite clear that there are some deep running issues with the as mas mechanic and the way it activates in the game. But not all hope is lost, as there is speculation that the upcoming gas mask toggle may be coming in Season 5 of Warzone could bring the solution to all these issues.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.