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How to get free Warzone Godzilla vs Kong calling cards

The upcoming Warzone Pacific Season 3 will bring plenty of Monsterverse cosmetics, including free Godzilla vs Kong calling cards.
How to get free Warzone Godzilla vs Kong calling cards
Warzone is looking to stop being a shadow of its former self after a couple of disappointing seasons following the massive shift, leaving Verdansk behind and entering Caldera. The impending Godzilla vs Kong event promises to help RavenSoft do just that. 

Alongside the start of Warzone Pacific Season 3, titled Classified Arms, a new limited-time event will bring the iconic Kaiju and the massive titan to the battlefield on 11th May, with plenty of bundles and cosmetics to celebrate their arrival. 

On top of the expected premium bundles dedicated to Kong, Godzilla, and even one for Mecha Godzilla, which come with exclusive Operator and weapon skins, blueprints, melee weapons, highlight intros, and more, there are some free goodies up for grabs. 

Free Godzvilla vs Kong cards in Warzone - How to redeem

Season 3 of Warzone Pacific will bring the new Operation Monarch event. (Picture: Activision)

Revealed on the official Warzone Pacific Season 3 breakdown, Raven Software announced that players who didn't want to spend money on the premium bundles could still get their hands on some sweet cosmetics to celebrate the start of the Operation Monarch event.

In total, three free calling cards will be available for players to get:

  • Team Godzilla
  • Team Kong
  • Team Monarch

To get your hands on them, you just need to follow some super simple steps:

  • Head to the website.
  • Enter your email on the site and hit subscribe.
  • You'll get an email confirmation that you've signed up correctly.

At the time of writing, the calling cards are not yet available to preview or use, but you will still be notified about your successful signup, with the promise of getting your calling cards ready at a future date. 

While calling cards don't have the impact or flair of other cosmetics such as skins, they are a nifty addition to a player's profiled, as they display during a match acting as a background to your playercard.

warzone kong godzilla
Caldera will be filled with new POIs inspired by the Monsterverse. (Picture: Activision)

More importantly, if you get kills during a match, those players will see your calling card in action, so it's best to have a stylish one to leave a proper impression. 

With some free cosmetics, all that's left for players is to enjoy the arrival of the two massive behemoths to Caldera, which according to reports, will be free-roaming the entire island causing havoc as they duke it out. Careful if you're fool enough to shoot them, as they are prepared to retaliate back with all their might. 


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.