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Warzone Hostile Takeover Challenge: How to complete and reward

Check out to complete the Hostile Takeover Challenge that will net you a special charm.
Warzone Hostile Takeover Challenge: How to complete and reward

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is here, bringing tons of new content ot the battle royale, including the iconic Nakatomi Tower as a new POI, the building in which the events of the greatest Christmas movie ever take place -- Die Hard.

Within this building, players can find some challenges with special rewards to commemorate such an occasion, including a special Charm that can be acquired by completing the Hostile Takeover Challenge.

Let's get down to business and tell you exactly how to complete these challenges.

Warzone Hostile Takeover Challenge - How to complete

There are three missions you can complete, keep in mind you only need to finish one to complete the Hostile Takeover Challenge:

  • Hostile Fire: Find and disarm all C4 locations
  • Unfinished Business: Find three crates
  • Deal Gone Wrong: Eliminate waves of enemies

How to complete Hostile Fire

nakatomi plaza warzone
(Picture: Activision)

For this one, you'll need to land on the roof, keep an ear out for a beeping sound as this is the first C4 you'll need to deactivate and start the challenge.

From then on, you'll need to stop the rest of C4 mines planted around Nakatomi. These are randomly placed, so be sure to scout the entire rooftop and nearby locations.

How to complete Unfinished Business

Once again, head out to Nakatomi plaza and immediately tag the special contract near the area. This is essentially a glorified Scavenger contract. So once you pick it up, collect all crates and it should be done, easy as that.

Keep in mind that if any other player picks it up, you won't be able to complete this challenge during said match. The final crate gives you a special Keycard to unlock Vault 31, so it's definitely worth pursuing this challenge.

How to complete Deals Gone Wrong

warzone die hard

If you're familiar with the Zombies event from previous seasons, this will be a breeze, as it's essentially that mode repurposed with armed thugs from Die Hard.

To activate it, you need to head towards the basement of Nakatomi Plaza and look for a white truck with equipment scattered around, trigger the event and kill everyone that stands in your way.

As with the zombies event, other players will be able to see that you've activated the challenge and might try to take advantage of that, so be on guard at all times.


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