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Call of Duty
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Warzone Pacific Season 1: Prestige levels, rewards and season level reset

As we are only a few days away from the seasonal reboot that will take us to new frontiers in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific, we tell your everything you need to know about prestige levels.
We are almost two years removed from the first time we set foot on Verdansk and we had to learn everything on the fly about the game.

Fortunately for you, along with the season reset that’s coming to the game with a new map, rewards and, of course, a personal guided tour from us so you can enjoy this experience at its best.

One of the main things that newcomers have struggled to wrap their heads around was the difference between the season levels and prestige levels but we are here to tell you everything you need to know whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran to the game.

Battle pass tier skips, calling cards, emblems are some of the rewards for increasing your Prestige levels

COD Warzone Pacific Prestige Levels Rewards
Season 1 will reset your Season level but the yet your Prestige progress will be kept intact. (Picture: Activision)

Whenever you play matches across in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, you will earn two types of XP; Regular XP, which aids you in your battle pass progress and prestige progress and Weapon XP, which will help you level up your guns and unlock more and better attachments.

The prestige level system will not reset as each season expires which will allow you to continually earn your rewards while still looking to claim the Prestige Master title at the end of every season when achieving 200 levels through XP.

Season 1 for Warzone Pacific will be no different which means that if you got to Prestige 4 last season and got your Prestige Master emblem and rewards you will now have to complete past Prestige 8 to get the bag once again.

COD Warzone Pacific Prestige Levels Season Calendar
Season 1 will also bring plenty of rewards and events outside the regular battle pass. (Picture: Activision)

As in previous seasons, every time you reach 10 Prestige levels you will unlock more challenges which means that more XP will be available for you as well as an exclusive calling card.

Beyond that, there are also some additional rewards whenever you get to the following Prestige levels in Warzone Pacific:

  • Level 50: New Prestige emblem, weapon blueprint, and battle pass tier skip.
  • Level 100: New Prestige emblem, and battle pass tier skip.
  • Level 150: New Prestige emblem, and battle pass tier skip.
  • Level 190: All season challenges available.
  • Level 200: New Prestige emblem, battle pass tier skip, Master Prestige calling card.
  • Levels 250–1000: Ability to earn additional Prestige levels if they were not reached during the pre-season.


Make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every COD Warzone news, loadout tips and more.

Featured image courtesy of Activision