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Warzone Pacific Season 2 new POI - Chemical Factory & Research Labs

Season 2 in Warzone Pacific will bring brand new locations for us to explore as the Chemical Factory and several Research Labs will arrive at Caldera.
Warzone Pacific Season 2 new POI - Chemical Factory & Research Labs
The arrival of Season 2 in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is now imminent with it we will see considerable changes all throughout the game, including some new POIs in Caldera.

The second season since the Vanguard-Warzone merger will also welcome new vehicles like the Bomber Planes and Redeploy Ballons and new ammo and weapons with the first appearance of Nebula V weaponry within the game.

All these newcomers will allow us to explore the newest locations in Caldera as we will delve into the Chemical Factory and several Research Labs sooner rather than later.

Warzone S2 Chemical Factory POI

COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 1
Season 2 in Warzone Pacific will bring a boatload of changes to weapons, vehicles and the map as well. (Picture: Activision)

The Chemical Factory is the first of the new POIs that will drop once Season 2 is available, offering us a moderate overhaul of the area previously known as Refinery.

Located right between the Mines and the Docks you will in the heart of the Nebula V manufacturing plant in a cluster of enormous warehouses that you and your squad could look into.

If you want to explore those buildings you may have to think twice and arrive prepared to battle as whenever you get to the location you may find a very big surprise.

Research Labs in Warzone Pacific Season 2

COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 Research Labs
These secret locations will guard great loot for you and your team. (Picture: Activision)

One of the main additions to the map is that all new POIs will be protected by enemy soldiers, although the Chemical Factory will maintain the same general layout as the Refinery, which should help you navigate the area faster and more effectively.

Several stories full of loot will wait for you as you could end up leaving with the necessary arsenal to face both the closing gas circle as well as the newly introduced Nebula V bombs.

As for the Research Labs, it seems that we will have seven underground laboratories around Caldera, also guarded by a small group of soldiers who protect crates that often contain loot like Gas Maks or even Nebula V ammo.

Tread carefully if you are to venture into these Research Labs because as helpful as it is having only one way in you could end up trapped by the toxic gas or enemy squads as there is also just one way out.

You should check out all the new things that will arrive with Season 2 at Warzone Pacific with the thorough infographic that Activision prepared for us.


Feature image courtesy of Activision