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Warzone's Aydan joins the New York Subliners as content creator

The move had been teased for the last week and finally, Aydan "Aydan" Conrad has a new home after leaving Ghost.
Warzone's Aydan joins the New York Subliners as content creator

Warzone star Aydan "Aydan" Conrad has joined the New York Subliners as a content creator, a much teased moved that was finally confirmed on 17th March.

The New York Subliners play in the Call of Duty League and are part of Andbox, a New York-based esport company that also fields rosters in Valorant and in the Overwatch League under the banner New York Excelsior.

The signing of Aydan is quite the coup, rumours had swirled about who he might sign for early this week when he began teasing the announcement on social media. FaZe Clan seemed like a likely option, few would have predicted NYSL.

Aydan has built a huge and loyal following on Twitch, originally rising to prominence in Fortnite as one of the best players to use a controller, moving to Warzone saw his popularity explode further.

And he is not merely a content creator but a fierce competitor too regularly competing in events and in the last couple of weeks he overtook Jordan "HusKerrs" Thomas as the highest-earning professional in the game.

The New York Subliners are on the rise, in September of last year they signed James "Clayster" Eubanks, a three-time world champion, to their starting roster. They recently finished 3rd in the CDL Stage 1 Major, behind Atlanta Faze and Dallas Empire.