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Warzone Season 4 - All Fortunes Keep Easter Egg Locations

Here's how to find all five currently known Easter Eggs in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4's new map, Fortunes Keep.
Warzone Season 4 - All Fortunes Keep Easter Egg Locations

Call of Duty: Warzone's new Season 4 map, Fortunes Keep, brings along with it some brand new content, ranging from unique POIs to fun Easter Eggs that you can find littered throughout the map. If you're struggling to locate these Easter Eggs, this guide is for you. We will be showing you how to find and do every hidden Easter Egg in the brand new Fortunes Keep map while claiming all the cool rewards for finding all five of them. 

All Easter Egg Locations on Fortunes Keep in Warzone Season 4

Some Easter Eggs are relatively straightforward to find and might stick out like a sore thumb to most players. However, others require a keen eye and can be challenging to find. We've outlined how to get each of the five Easter Eggs in Fortunes Keep that we know of; we will update this listing if more Easter Eggs are revealed over time.

Zombie's Perk 

Warzone Season 4 All Fortunes Keep Easter Eggs And How To Do Them Zombie Easter Egg
Pay your respects to spawn a zombie and kill it to claim your rewards. (Picture: YouTube / Geeky Pastimes)

The first Easter Egg requires players to navigate to the graveyard on Fortunes Keep. From here, you will find three candles around the area that you can light. After doing so, you must head to the lonely tombstone near one of the candles. 

Interacting with it by pressing "F" to pay respects will summon a zombie, which you need to kill. The zombie is pretty tough, so be prepared to sink quite a bit of ammo into it. But once the zombie is down, it will drop some items, weapons, and a self-revive item, a pretty ironic but helpful item to have. 

Wine Bottle Rewards

Warzone Season 4 All Fortunes Keep Easter Eggs And How To Do Them Wine Bottles
Collect two wine bottles and place them on a shelf to reveal a hidden room with various items and weapons. (Picture: YouTube / Geeky Pastimes)

This Easter Egg requires that players access a hidden Vault to unlock some cool rewards. You can do so by first finding two wine bottles in the rooms of the Terraces building. You can usually find these sitting atop tables or bookshelves; take them to the Keep POI next door. 

In the Keep, you must locate the dining area on the second floor. Look for the long dining room table in the center on this floor. Once there, place the bottles on the table, and a secret door will open behind the shelf, revealing some weapons, cash, and a Golden Axe and Shield for you to collect. 

Fountain's Loot

Warzone Season 4 All Fortunes Keep Easter Eggs And How To Do Them Fountain Loot
Drop some cash into a Fountain in the Winery to get a free item as a reward. (Picture: YouTube / Geeky Pastimes)

This Easter Egg is fairly simple to complete (if you're not being shot at) and requires you to head to the Winery and find the fountain located in the center. Once there, drop some cash into the fountain, and an item or a weapon will emerge.

We aren't sure yet if the amount of cash you drop in the fountain determines the item you will receive, as the items that come out seem random. But we will update this listing if that information changes.

Buried Treasure

Warzone Season 4 All Fortunes Keep Easter Eggs And How To Do Them Find a shovel and dig up sand on the beach to get free items
Find a shovel and dig up sand at the beach or bay area to find some free items. (Picture: YouTube / Geeky Pastimes)

This might be the most obvious form of an Easter Egg to find, but you might miss it while trying to stay alive on Fortunes Keep. This Easter Egg requires players to find a shovel in the graveyard or beach area and scour the beach for any suspicious-looking mounds of sand. 

Once you find these sand mounds, you can dig them up to get some neat treasure, such as items, weapons, and equipment for your efforts. There are many of these littered throughout the bay area of the island. So keep your eyes peeled to ensure you don't miss any of them. 

Bullseye Rewards

Warzone Season 4 All Fortunes Keep Easter Eggs And How To Do Them Bullseye to open hidden room
Use a throwing knife and hit a bullseye to unlock a door containing a free weapon. (Picture: YouTube / Geeky Pastimes)

You can find the final Easter Egg by interacting with a dart board in one of the pubs in the Town area. Using a throwing knife to throw a bullseye on the board will unlock another secret room to your right, and inside, you will find a special weapon as a reward for your detective skills. 

Though there aren't a lot of rewards in this room, it's a great Easter Egg to use at the beginning of the game to get a powerful gun. It's easy to do and requires no special setup since there is a throwing knife just outside of the pub to use.

And that's everything you need to know to find all the Easter Eggs in Fortunes Keep, happy hunting. 

We want to thank the YouTube Channel Geeky Pastimes for their guide on finding all Easter Eggs on Fortunes Keep. Consider subscribing to their channel for more amazing content. 

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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