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Call of Duty
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Warzone Season 4 all new POIs: Red doors, Satellite Crash Sites, Downtown Tower

Warzone Season 4 content map has been revealed, showing us a first glimpse of what is to come in Season 4, including several new points of interest (POI). Here are all new POIs in Warzone Season 4.
Last week during the Summer Game Fest kickoff event, we had a chance to see a teaser trailer for Warzone Season 4, revealing us some wild things that we can expect for the next season of the battle royale.

Today, Activision has officially revealed all the content slated for release in Cold War and Warzone Season 4, including new operators, weapons, game modes, and more.

When it comes to Warzone, aside from new weapons and balance changes, the most exciting are changes for the battle royale's map, Verdansk. 

With Warzone Season 4 update, Verdansk will see some old POIs removed, some redesigned, but also a few brand new locations added to the map.

Here are all the new Verdansk locations in Warzone Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 all new POIs

Satellite Crash Sites

Warzone Season 4 all new POIs Satellite Crash Sites(Picture: Activision)

Several Satellites have crashed in Verdansk, seemingly for no particular reason. They will not appear on players' Tac Map, but it will be rather easy to spot them, as they will be surrounded by debris caused by impact. 

Players will be able to use them as cover and find various useful items around them, but also to interact with them and the Sat-Links found near the impact site, which will earn you permanent rewards as a part of the Ground Fall event.

The Red Doors

Warzone Season 4 all new POIs red doors(Picture: Activision)

After the yellow door, now we have mysterious red doors appearing in Verdansk.

Activision didn't reveal much about them, as half of the text is redacted, so we will have to wait and solve the mystery once Season 4 starts.

It seems that they hide a lot of rewards, but something dangerous lurks inside, and players will need to find a solution to how to enter, and quite possibly how to leave once they are inside.

Downtown Tower: Under New Management

Warzone Season 4 all new POIs Tower(Picture: Activision)

Once known as Nakatomi Plaza from the Die Hard franchise, Downtown Tower is here to stay.

Asides from changing the name, it seems that the location will not undergo any significant changes and will remain largely the same as it was during the ’80s Action Heroes event, except for the event challenges around the vault, which are now removed from the game, as they were a part of the 80s Action Heroes event.

And there you have it, all the new POIs in Warzone Season 4. Make sure to return once Season 4 starts, as we will solve the Red Door mystery and share the solution!

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