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Warzone Secrets of The Pacific: All Intel locations

The Secrets of The Pacific event has kicked off, giving Warzone players one final chance to have a fresh experience in Verdansk while also discovering info about the new map. Check out the full list of all Secrets of The Pacific intel locations.
Warzone Secrets of The Pacific: All Intel locations

The Secrets of The Pacific event in Warzone has had a troublesome start due to a game-crushing bug and a DDoS Attack on the Battle.net servers.

The bumps are now ironed out and Warzone players can finally enjoy the last event ever on the Verdansk map, marking the end of an era for the battle royale.

The Secrets of The Pacific event is bringing a lot of challenges and rewards for players to explore, but the main gimmick is new Intel scattered across Verdansk which players will be tasked to locate and learn about the new Caldera map, slated for release on 8th December alongside Season 1.

Warzone Secrets of The Pacific: All Intel locations
Unravel the secrets of Caldera and earn rewards. (Picture: Activision)

If you are having trouble finding all the pieces of Intel hidden around the city, this article will guide you to locate all six of them.

Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations

Before we continue, it should be noted that you will need to play at least six matches of Warzone in order to collect all six pieces of Intel and complete this challenge, because you are limited to carrying only one piece of Intel at a time.

Jailbreak Intel Location

Warzone Secrets of The Pacific: All Intel locations Jailbreak
Jailbreak Intel location. (Picture: Activision)

The first one is rather self-explanatory. As the name suggests, you will find the "Jailbreak" Intel piece in the Prison. 

Head to the Prison's locker room on the ground floor, and once you are there, you will see a red table tennis racket on a bench. Interact with it and you will receive the Marina Street Calling Card. Only if you survive with this piece of Intel, of course.

On The Air Intel location

Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations on the air radio
Interact with the mic to get the intel. (Picture Activision)

The "On The Air" Intel is a bit harder to locate only by its name. You will need to go to the Electronics Shop located between Promenade West and Train Station.

Enter the shop and you will see a microphone stand, and that's where you will find the second piece of Intel. Interact with the mic, and survive long enough to receive the Local Radio Emblem.

Fast Food Special Intel location

Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations fast food
Head to the Airport fast food court for this intel. (Picture: Activision)

The third piece of Intel is hidden in the Burger Town restaurant at the Airport. Once you are there, you will notice a black cash register on the counter. Interact with it to get the "Fast Food Special" Intel and hold it for three Storm Circles to be rewarded with the Volcanic Souvenir Charm.

On Your Feet Intel location

Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations on your feet
The operating room hides the fourth intel. (Picture: Activision)

The hospital is where you will want to go if you want to get the fourth piece of Intel. But not the main building, rather the one next to it, with a helipad on it.

Enter the building and search for the operating room on the ground floor. Once inside it, you will see a blue first aid kit on a hospital bed. Interact with it and you will receive the "On Your Feet" Intel, but you will need to hold it for four Storm Circles in order to earn the Naval Plan sticker.

Abandoned Intel location

Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations abandoned mines
Head deep into the mines for the "Abandoned" Intel. (Picture: Activision)

"Abandoned", the fifth piece of Intel, is hidden within the mines in the northwestern part of Verdansk.

Go on foot as much as you can and then use the zipline to enter the area where the intel is. Once there, you will see a pack of dynamite. Interact with it to receive the "Abandoned" Intel and hold it for two rounds of Storm Circles to be granted the Familiar Machinery Spray.

Secrets Intel location

Secrets of the Pacific Intel locations bunkers
Explore the WW2 bunkers for the boat models. (Picture: Activision)

Finally the last piece of Intel. For the sixth piece of Intel, head to the good old World War II bunkers. You can go into any of them, each one will have the "Secrets" Intel.

Once inside, search for a battleship miniature on a desk and interact with it to receive the Intel. Survive for two rounds with the intel to earn the Hospital Resort Calling Card.

And that's it! Congrats, you have completed the whole set!


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Feature image courtesy of Activision

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