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What is Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle: price, release date, all content, more

Everything you need to know about the Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle, including how much it costs, what will you get in this bundle, when it will be released, and more.
What is Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle: price, release date, all content, more

The Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle has just appeared on the Call Of Duty mobile app.

The M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle is short for "Mother of all bundles", and it is currently listed in the shop, but it is not available for purchase, and the message says that it is "coming soon".

But what is this all about?

What is the M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle?

Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle
(Picture: Activision)

While it is not yet officially confirmed, purchasing the M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle will most likely grant you access to all content from previous seasons.

This means that if you buy this bundle, you will get all the content included in Season 1-6 Warzone battle passes.

Keep in mind that it only includes battle passes from the Modern Warfare period of the game, and Cold War Season 1 and Season 2 content will not be included in this bundle, you will still need to purchase those separately.

How much the M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle cost?

According to the app, the bundle is priced at 10,000 CP, which is around $100 USD.

The M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle release date: When can I buy it?

The bundle is currently unavailable for purchase, but it should become available later this week, most likely before 15th May.


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