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When does Warzone Operation: Flashback start? Dates, rewards, challenges, and more

Everything you need to know about the Warzone Operation: Flashback event, including all free rewards, challenges, start and end dates, and more.
When does Warzone Operation: Flashback start? Dates, rewards, challenges, and more
Warzone Operation: Flashback is one of several special events coming this November in Warzone as a way to celebrate the new Pacific era and say one last goodbye to the soon to be rotated out Verdansk map.

The now-iconic city of Verdansk has been one of the most visited virtual locations over the past 18 months, as Activision claims that Warzone has accumulated more than 100 million players since the game's release.

The war-torn city saw numerous changes during this period as a part of regular updates, the biggest one being the transition to the funky 80s and the introduction of the famous '80s action movie stars and locations.

Now, as Activision is making final preparations for the Warzone Pacific release, it's time to make a send-off party for Verdansk, starting with the Operation: Flashback event.

What is Operation: Flashback?

Warzone Operation Flashback rewards start time
Get ready for one final dance on Verdansk. (Picture: Activision)

Warzone Operation: Flashback is one of the three planned events in November for the battle royale, as a way to celebrate the release of Vanguard and the new map Caldera, and to honour Verdansk and all the memories we had with the map, who is phasing out from the game.

While we don't have specific details yet, Raven Software (Warzone developers) said that the event will consist of various elements from past events, "featuring plenty of surprises that cover Verdansk’s action-packed history."

Operation: Flashback starting date

Activision has confirmed in a recent blog post that Operation: Flashback is set to kick off on 18th November and it will last for 7 days, ending on 24th November when the Secrets of the Pacific event will take its place.

Operation: Flashback rewards 

As with all Warzone events, this one will not go by without free rewards as well.

You will be able to earn these free rewards:

  • Unique emblem
  • Special animated Calling Card 

Once Activision reveals these rewards, we will update the article with their images.

Operation: Flashback challenges

Warzone Operation Flashback rewards start time
Operation Flashback will comprise various aspects of Verdansk's history. (Picture: Activision)

At the moment, Raven has only revealed how you can obtain these two rewards listed above.

To unlock the emblem, all you need to do is to participate in the event, and it's yours! When it comes to the animated Calling Card, you will need to show off your skills and win a match of Warzone.

For now, we don't know if the event will have any additional challenges, but going by the previous events, you can expect a few more ways to test your skills.

And that's about everything currently revealed about the event, but Activision has assured us that more will be revealed in the days prior to the event's launch on 18th November.


Make sure to keep up with our dedicated Call of Duty page as the action continues to come ahead of the COD: Vanguard release. We'll have all the latest on the Warzone front as well heading into an exciting holiday season.