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World Series of Warzone: Schedule, prize pool, qualifiers, how to register and watch

Activision has just announced the biggest series of Warzone tournaments yet - World Series of Warzone. Find out everything about it, including the event schedule, how to register for qualifiers, who are team captains, prize pool, and much more.
World Series of Warzone: Schedule, prize pool, qualifiers, how to register and watch

The World Series of Warzone (WSOW) has just been announced by Activision.

The 2021 World Series of Warzone (WSOW) will feature four Warzone tournaments with the biggest prize pool to date - $300,000 per tournament!

There will be two Trios and two Duos tournaments, two per region (Europe and North America).

World Series of Warzone is a mix of an invitational and open event, with a portion of high-profile Call of Duty players and content creators being invited directly, while other teams will be determined through the open qualifiers.

Additionally, each of the 12 Call of Duty League teams can invite a squad of their choosing if they choose to do so.

World Series of Warzone Schedule

World Series of Warzone Schedule(Picture: Activision)

As we've already mentioned, there will be four events in the World Series of Warzone.

The first one is Call of Duty World Series of Warzone: Trios NA

  • 22nd June @ 5 pm ET: Captains draft player squads.
  • 23rd June @ 5 pm ET: Main event

This tournament will feature 150 players, split into 50 trios with five team captains.

The details for the other events will be released by Activision closer to the time.

World Series of Warzone format

The World Series is, unlike many Warzone tournaments, played in private matches so teams will go up against each other in the same lobby.

  • Six private matches
    • Points awarded for placement and kills
    • Individual map placement also gets prizes
  • Captains Cup scoring also in effect
    • Points from each captain’s 10 teams totalled at end, with specific prizing for each of the five teams
  • Tie-breakers:
    • Total kills without multipliers
    • Average placement
    • Most kills in one match
    • Highest placement in one match

Points system

  • 1 point per kill
  • 1st place: 2x multiplier
  • 2nd-15th place: 1.5x multiplier
  • 15th-50th place: No multiplier

World Series of Warzone prize pool

The biggest Warzone circuit in the game's history bosts a whopping $1.2 million prize pool, with a $300,000 prize pool per event.

Trios NA prize pool

World Series of Warzone prize pool(Picture: Activision)

World Series of Warzone stream: How to watch

All events in the World Series of Warzone will be broadcasted live on the Twitch Rivals channel which we have embedded below for your convenience.

How to register

World Series of Warzone NA Open Qualifier How to register
(Picture: Activision)

Each of the four events will have an open qualifier, which means everyone will have a chance to compete, even you and your friends!

For the first tournament, you can sign in for free to play in the World Series of Warzone Open Qualifier for trios.

Register here for the World Series of Warzone Open Qualifier NA Trios.

  • WSOW Trios NA Qualifiers will start with four single-elimination qualifiers occurring daily from 24th May through 27th May. 
  • Bo2 game series.
  • Each squad will queue separately in public lobbies.
  • The team with the most kills after two games will advance in the bracket.
  • The top eight teams from each qualifier will advance to the WSOW Trios NA Qualifier Finals.

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