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DragonBall FighterZ
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DragonBall FighterZ

ChrisG: "I just need to be able to finesse my way in and out of situations"

Image courtesy of Evil Geniuses. It’s not easy when you’re the heel of an entire scene. But being the “Villain of Marvel” never kept Christopher “ChrisG” Gonzalez from competing at the highest level, eventually taking the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 crown at Evo 2016. Nowadays, ChrisG has his sights set on being the best Dragon Ball FighterZ player out there. Before heading off to White Plains, New York to compete in Defend the North, ChrisG and I talked about Marvel’s absence at Evo, why the infamous zoner won’t play Menat and what surprising character he wants to see next in FighterZ. GINX Esports TV: Before we get into the meat and potatoes, what's it like no longer being the villain of a scene? ChrisG: It does feel weird. Then again, I was mainly just a villain for one game. It carried over a lot because I would enter a bunch of stuff. But now there’s no more Marvel. So, I’m just trying to be the best I can be in Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Speaking of Marvel, this will be the first Evo with no Marvel title – as a Marvel champion yourself how do you feel about its absence? It sucks. The game that Evo started with and also was one of the hypest games at evo not being there makes this Evo seem a little 'eh'. I don’t even wanna be mean to the NRS scene but Marvel vs Capcom Infinite should have taken its place. The numbers would have been better. I know I can make Top 8 of DBFZ and that game will obviously be my main focus. But still….we need Marvel. As someone who got into watching the FGC through Marvel 3, I can agree with some of those points. You are currently playing what some people call the successor to Marvel – DBFZ. Do you agree with that statement? Not really. DBFZ and MvCI are pretty much in the same boat. I made a post on Twitter highlighting these issues not so long ago. Both games have too much rushdown, too much raw tags, too much lockdown, and not enough defense mechanics. But the difference between the two is that one has support and the other does not. Marvel has always been about movement, finessing your opponent. Essentially outplaying them and opening them up. In Dragon Ball, a lot of that is forced. Super dash closes the gap too easy. There is no zoning in DBFZ. Since you removed a huge part of what makes a good fighting game, you only get chaos most of the time. That’s fine for most people. But for me, I like looking at the whole picture and can appreciate every style, which is what made Marvel so amazing. A lot of the situations that would be cool/hype in a Marvel game are getting way too dry and repetitive in DBFZ. Not to mention you only see like five characters and the game kind of just came out. You brought up zoning, which is something you were especially known for in Marvel. You've also become known for your defense in DBFZ. Is this your preferred way of playing fighters? Yes, for the most part. I like a good neutral, which is why I am good at Street Fighter as well. So, I don’t necessarily need a zoner, I just need to be able to finesse my way in and out of situations. In Dragon Ball, even with all the rushdown, I can still defend really well. Games are getting harder and harder to play defense and I’m hoping that doesn’t stay true as more games come out. You say that games lack a lot of defensive tools nowadays but you seem to be making it work. What type of training do you do to make the most of the little tools you have? Well, I still have a pretty good offensive game. I’m very good at hit confirming and what not. So, since these are the games that we play, you pretty much have to learn how to press more buttons. That’s what I’ve been trying to teach myself. Since your focus is split between two games, how do you divide up your practice time? I play mostly Dragon Ball but lately I’ve been trying to play more Street Fighter. So, in order to do that I’ve focused more time into my Ibuki over my Guile. It’s been working out pretty well. I’ve been learning more offense so my defense doesn’t have to crack. Speaking of Street Fighter, when I saw Infiltration's Menat I immediately had flashbacks of your Morgan play. What keeps you from having her in your arsenal? Two things. I would have to focus a lot more time into Street Fighter and only play Menat. Which, even as a zoner, I find her quite boring. I also don't think she’s versatile enough for me. My zoning is usually equipped with good mobility. Regardless, I play Guile and he’s got good enough projectiles. Moving back to DBFZ – you and a lot of players have been experimenting with Tien. What moved him up on the tier list? I don’t know why other are playing him but I’m playing Tien because I don’t want to play Cell/Kid Buu and I am tired of struggling with Trunks. Tien has every tool in the game. Just doesn’t excel at anything like they do. I also used to use him when the game first came out along with Krillin and Ginyu. Other people are just bandwagoning. Arc Systems/Bandai Namco have created a tour for Dragon Ball FighterZ. It's pretty different from the other tours in the FGC. What's your thoughts on the system? It’s literally Battle of the Stones. Nothing special or different. A few select tournaments that feed into a Top 8 at the end I think? Either way, I will try my best to make it to the Finals. On a fun and final note, what character from the Dragon Ball universe do you most want to see added as DLC? I want Pikkon - You want big lipped Piccolo? Yeah, he’s cool. Pikkon is like that guy no one knows anything about but bodies everyone free. I also want Android 17 and a cooler angrier Future Trunks with the Sayian rage form.