Highlights from the Overwatch Apex Final

Highlights from the Overwatch Apex Final
That’s it. Overwatch OGN Apex Season 3 is a wrap, and Lunatic-Hai have been declared champions. Not without a fight, though, as Kongdoo Panthera cannot be faulted for effort in their attempts to deny LH their second consecutive title. In fact, it couldn’t have been much closer. Ending at 4-3 to Lunatic-Hai, the best-of-seven series was a real back and forth encounter. KDP came out of the gate all guns-blazing, instantly showing LH that it wasn’t going to be an easy title defense for them. Nepal, the first map, was over quickly as Kongdoo quickly built up a high cap on the objective that Lunatic-Hai just couldn’t seem to crack. Then the next map, on Eichenwald, was quite the opposite, with LH pushing through to a win with almost three minutes to spare while KDP just couldn’t crack the champions. Two games went to draws, each time KDP claiming the following overtime game, while the other two maps – on Gibraltar and Dorado - were close matches in their own right, ultimately ending 3-2 to Lunatic-Hai both times after intense battles. So it went right down to the wire. And fitting the pattern of this nail-biting grand final, the last map, Numbani, was an extremely close contest. After surviving one extremely embarassing moment (we’ll come to that later), Lunatic Hai did eventually takes this map and clinch the series 4-3. Let’s have a look at some of the best moments from the OGN Overwatch Season 3 grand final.

Ryujehong finds his target

Here’s a clip that perfectly summarises high-tier competitive Overwatch. Ryujehong’s well-known for his impeccable plays on Ana, and more than once he’s caught a Genji threat at the perfect moment to help save his team. And that’s almost what happens here. There’s no denying the skill that Jehong needed to actually strike Rascal here is greater than most players can manage, but the timing was just off... By striking Rascal just a second too early, the ultimate itself wasn’t activated. So, upon waking, Rascal continues as if his brief nap hadn’t occurred, activated his Dragonblade and went to town on Lunatic-Hai. It’s the sort of split second give and take that can only happen in esports.

See no evil

A fun little moment here saw Birdring - one of the more popular names on Kongdoo Panthera give chase to Miro on Winston. It’s a simple thing, but as Birdring dashes around the floor beneath Miro he looks about, assuming to have known were the Winston is. Cut to the ape standing in a corner on the platform above, waiting for Tracer to disappear as he sneaks in around the back. An amusing little play, if not for the moment at the end of the clip - where Birdring is clearly looking this way and that to figure out where Miro went - then for the simplicity with which the ruse is played.

The switcheroo

This was one of the more intense victories of the grand finals, which saw the two teams playing an overtime round on Lijiang Tower (the second time this happened, in fact) which really came down to the wire. In this game KDP managed to claim an early lead on the objective and very nearly won the round until the objective switches over to LH. It then goes pretty much uncontested until the very last percent, upon which Kongdoo Panthera really fight to make it theirs. The clip below shows only a fraction of this last ditch effort where practically every ultimate is used as the two teams scramble for victory. It’s a close call, but the inaction by Miro to use his Primal Rage may well have been the deciding factor that meant KDP would go on to capture that point and ultimate with the round and game.

What a way to lose...

After Kongdoo Panthera’s epic performance in the grand finals of OGN Overwatch Apex Season 3, it seems a shame that the match and game didn’t end right at this clip. Just think of the context: this has been one of the most contested games in recent Overwatch esports, and yet the ultimate map of the tournament comes down to Lunatic-Hai hunting for kills rather than focusing the objective. This was a tournament that really came down to the wire, and all Lunatic-Hai had to do was stop KDP from completing the map and they would successful hold back them back from claiming the title. And since Kongdoo Panthera had been playing so well throughout the series, it’s impressive to see this sort of control where LH can’t even think about the payload because it’s too busy dealing with the assault. It meant that the whole team overlooked the objective, instead of keeping that payload from moving. Things could’ve gone so differently after this, and credit to Lunatic-Hai here: a defeat like this would have easily dismantled the morale of the team (just look at how deflated they are in this clip), but they manage to hold it together for the final defensive round of the game where they completely shut KDP down with an incredible defense. It’s a shame that Kongdoo Panthera couldn’t turn this around to knock LH down for a truly memorable end to an incredible grand final, but all the same this is a moment that will likely live on in memory for a long time.