iCG Summer 2016 Takes Iranian eSports To Another Level

iCG Summer 2016 Takes Iranian eSports To Another Level
Iran's eSports scene might not be the most prominent on the world's stage - what with the lack of major tournaments - but that could well be changing with iCG as it raises the prize pools. iCG eSports Summer 2016 will take place during the 7-13 August, and will offer up $60,000 in prizes across 12 different games. The tournament is hoping to feature 64 teams in the LAN finals, an include an online qualifiers for teams to earn invites to the LANs. Registration for the event begins in a couple of days, with an English language version of the iCG eSports website on the way. The games that will be part of the event (and their associated prize pools) are:
  • Dota2 - $9000
  • CS:GO - $9000
  • League Of Legends - $9000
  • Heroes of the Storm - $6500
  • Overwatch - $6500
  • Rainbow Six: Siege - $6500
  • FIFA 2016 (PS4) - $5300
  • PES (PS4) - $5300
  • Hearthstone - $2300
  • Clash Royale - $1300
  • Street Fighter V - $300
  • Vainglory - $300

In addition to these there will also be Tekken and mobile titles Soccer Stars, 2Cars and Piano Tiles "and more". While these might not be the biggest winnings for any major team to battle for, it's at least a step towards greater recognition for the region which, historically, doesn't often get much in the way of headlines since few of the big-name teams show up. There will be much more than just LAN tournaments at the event too, with an ASUS Overclock event, a conference about the Persian competitive scene and a session discussing the first Persian gaming documentary.