Overwatch Patch Releases Ana, Brings Buffs & Nerfs

Overwatch Patch Releases Ana, Brings Buffs & Nerfs
Blizzard has released its latest patch for Overwatch, primarily intended to bring Ana Amari - the long-range support hero - into the roster, but a general slew of tweaks to the existing characters addresses some of the current meta concerns. The biggest changes here are to D.Va, Mercy and Zenyatta as well as more subtle alterations to McCree But first there are a couple of general changes to address, the first being a bit of a biggie. Competitive Mode now only allows a limit of one hero per side, meaning duel Winston teams will no longer be a possibility. It's a move by Blizzard to standardise the eSports side of things, sure, but might frustrate some teams whose strategy relied on multi-hero compositions. Meanwhile, Overtime has been tweaked a little too. Fuses will burn down quicker after 20 seconds of Overtime, while players will spawn two seconds slower during the extended match time. Additionally self-healing will now charge ultimates and - as such - some characters have had their ultimate charge increased to compensate. But anyway, onto the exciting stuff: overwatch-anaamari

Overwatch Latest Patch Hero Changes

  • Ana Amari added for play in live Overwatch, read our reveal story for more details about the new support hero.
  • Bastion's ultimate now costs 10% more (basic adjustment due to new self-heal changes).
  • D.Va tweaked to make her a more viable pick:
    • Defense Matrix: New resource added to Defense Matrix that will deplete while in use and charge while inactive. Redefined as alternative fire and rebound to right-mouse button, will last 4 seconds in total with a full charge and the cooldown has been reduced from 10 seconds to 1 second.
    • Self-Destruct: Cost of D.Va's ultimate has been reduced by 15%, with the explosion now occurring after 3 seconds rather than 4 and won't damage the user of the ultimate.
  • Lucio's ultimate now costs 10% more (basic adjustment due to new self-heal changes).
  • McCree's long range damage with Peacemaker now maintains full damage at longer distances, but less damage at extreme ranges.
  • Mercy tweaks to reduce opportunities to use Resurrect, but makes her more mobile while it is activated:
    • Caduceus Staff: Damage boost effect will now not stack with the same ability from another Mercy player.
    • Resurrect: Cost of Mercy's ultimate is increased by 30%, but no longer restricts movement while it is being cast and resets cooldown of Guardian Angel upon use.
  • Roadhog's ultimate now costs 10% more (basic adjustment due to new self-heal changes).
  • Soldier 76 has had his Heavy Pulse Rifle altered so that spread recovery will begin after a short delay rather than instantly like before. Additionally his ultimate now costs 10% more (basic adjustment due to new self-heal changes).
  • Zenyatta buffed to increase his ability to take damage and make him a more viable pick:
    • Base shield increase, giving him 200 points of potential damage he can take (50 health, 150 shield).
    • Primary fire weapon damage reduced from 45 to 40.
    • Alternate fire weapon damage increase from 35 to 40.
    • Orb Of Harmony/Orb Of Discord: Projectile speed increased from 30 to 120.
    • Transcendence: Movement speed has been doubled upon activation, while healing amount is increased from 200 to 300 per second.

Beyond these hero changes, gameplay tweaks and other alterations, Blizzard has also implemented a number of options, quality of life adjustments and bug fixes - which you can read about on Blizzard's Overwatch patch post.