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Rust: Building Skin Materials Updates

Come and Check out the new Building Materials Update in Rust, comparing and discussing recent and upcoming updates!
Rust: Building Skin Materials Updates
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Rust provides excellent cosmetics and skins, giving players the ability to display a touch of their personality and taste through their weapon and base skins. Below, we will walk through the brand-new Adobe skins for rust and the features they provide. We will also be discussing the all-new skin for stone material that is upcoming and due to be in the rust store on August 3rd during a forced wipe for all rust servers.

This article will cover the pay-to-win aspect of the skin and if there are any new features these skins will be added to the game. Additionally, showcasing recent updates with available skins for players to utilize and benefit from, as well as revealing the new Brick skin for stone!


Rust: Adobe Skin Update - May 4th, 2023

The stone adobe skin was added to rust on May 4th, 2023, and was introduced along with the new missile silo monument, this skin was added to the game to improve the aesthetic appeal of stone buildings, and to give a whole new look to building with stone in rust.

This skin only applies to the stone building material and allows the player the opportunity for a complete visual overhaul to their stone bases for anyone who enjoys building modifications. Although the skin looks completely different from the original rust stone skin, it functions in the same way and offers absolutely no pay-to-win features. The skin is currently on the market for £10.39 or 13$ and is priced to match the other rust skin packs in the general store right now. Personally, I am not a massive fan of this building skin, but it is well made and a dream skin for any role player looking to build in the desert.


Rust: Shipping Container Skin - June 1st, 2023

Next, we will be looking at the new metal skin modification, the shipping container skin, added to the rust skin store on June 1st, 2023. This set is exclusively for sheet metal and comes with the extra feature of selectable colors when building with the skin in the game.

This feature will allow the player to transform their base into a multi-colored collage of vibrant colors to really stand out or can be used as camouflage in the forest by using a dark green color which can obscure the visibility of your base. There are 16 different colors to the shipping container skin which can be changed using the spray that can be crafted for 100 metal fragments in the crafting menu.

This skin has many pay-to-win aspects along with the ability to change its color, one of those being extra storage space. Yes, this skin provides the player extra storage space as it decreases the width of walls when used. This will give the player the ability to place previously impossible placements with items such as the electric furnace, and mixing tables and even allows a campfire to be placed between four large boxes. This is revolutionary to all compact base designs as there is now more storage possibility for all your valuable loot.

This skin is a must-buy in my opinion for all hardcore rust players, whether it’s for the camouflage, increased storage capacity, easier item placements or just to have a cool multi-colored base to show off to all your neighbors, this skin is a worthwhile item to own priced at only £11.19 (14$ USD). This could be the make or break behind your base being raided and losing hours of progress, therefore, 14$ doesn’t seem so expensive after all.


Rust: Brick Skin for Stone - Upcoming

Bricks... this skin is a brand-new way to show off your wonderful base to the world of rust. The skin will improve the look and feel of your base by adding a country estate look with simple cement and brick walls, floors, and roofs all in a dazzling orange color. This new skin features beams on plastered ceilings, a cool stone appeal to floors, and tiled roofs that unlike basic stone ones have parapets on the sides that sadly do not stop any dropped items from falling through them.

This skin is currently on the staging branch as of July 14th, 2023, for anyone who already has the adobe stone skin and will most likely be added to the game for the next force wipe on August 3rd. I expect this skin will cost the same as the adobe skin for £10.39 or 13$ USD but this is still to be confirmed. The Brick skin doesn’t provide any meta-advantage, as seen in the stocky and square shape, alongside the orange color doesn’t provide any special concealment from enemy players, therefore meaning a high price could be unlikely, however, players do love their cosmetics.

All these items are on the rust items stored on the menu when you open the game. The skins so far are great, and I am also fairly certain they have even more fantastic skins in the works so hopefully they will be introduced into the game soon.

What is the best material Skin in Rust?

The best material skins will provide players with a plethora of advantages, ranging from concealment, storage space, and being able to build in locations others may not. Out of the above selection Bricks and the Adobe skin update appear to be more cosmetic, with bricks being incredibly stocky and outlandish, making quite the target and standing out like a sore thumb.

The Adobe skins, however, allow players relative concealment in the Desert biome, allowing players to slightly blend in more to survive within their environments of choice, although, the Adobe skin doesn't provide mass protection and isn't really anything particularly special. 

Without a doubt, the shipping container skins have been the best update, providing massive pay-to-win benefits and allowing players to build in better locations due to the size differences to typical bases and materials. Despite costing players around $15 to purchase on the Steam store, the shipping containers provide different colors, therefore adaptivity. The containers can also be mistaken as typical map content instead of player bases, sometimes being overlooked by players. 


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