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Dying Light Rust DLC pack: Release date, cost, content and event details

Facepunch Studios are working with Techland developers to bring a Rust-themed bundle to the 2015 title, Dying Light.

The multiplayer survival game we all know and love is taking a dark turn this month with a new DLC-themed pack announced on 19th April.

Facepunch Studios and Techland are bringing the Rust to the Dying Light soon-to-be franchise with this kickass announcement.

The crossover is most likely due to the Dying Light 2 title having some refreshing news and updates reach their fan base this past March.

In the unlikeliest of collaborations, we are brought so much useful content. From melee and custom weapons to rewards and how to redeem them, here’s everything you need to know about the Rust Dying Light DLC bundle.

Dying Light Rust DLC pack content

The Rust DLC for Dying Light will have five items total going from outfits to all sorts of weapons. Here’s the full list of contents:

  • Heavy Plate outfit
  • Buggy skin—Rust Bucket
  • Short axe—Salvaged Cleaver
  • SMG—Custom SMG
  • Assault rifle—Rust Assault Rifle

Dying Light Rust DLC pack cost 

The RUST DLC for Dying Light will not cost you at all as it will be available for FREE to all Dying Light players.

Dying Light Rust DLC pack release date

The Rust DLC for Dying Light is available right now for FREE in the Steam store whereas the DLC and the event for the crossover will appear mid-May for console players.

Dying Light Rust event goals and rewards

There are plenty of goals to redeem goodies during the Dying Light x Rust crossover event. Here’s the full list of both global and local objectives with the rewards to reap for each.

Global goal:

Hunt down bandits (1 000 000).

  • Reward: A docket for the C4 Elemental Variation Blueprints

Local goals:

Research bounties:

Collect Scrap (30) and Plastic Tubes (2)

  • Reward: Gold Rust Assault Rifle Blueprint

Collect Scrap (20) and Nails (10)

  • Reward: Gold Rust Custom SMG Blueprint

Collect Scrap (10) and Tin Cans (5)

  • Reward: Gold Rust Salvaged Cleaver Blueprint

Raiding bounties:

Find and raid Rais' Bandit Outpost in the Slums

  • Reward: Elemental C4 Bundle

Find and raid Rais' Bandit Outpost in the Old Town

  • Reward: Elemental C4 Bundle

rust dying light dlc pack(Picture: Techland)

Dying Light Rust event duration

While the Rust DLC is already live, the RUST x Dying Light event will only last a week, ending on April 26th at 7:00 pm CET.

Good night and good luck to everyone out there -- you’re going to need it.