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Rust suffers disastrous data loss after fire obliterates data centre

The catastrophic outcome is a result of a huge fire that utterly destroyed the OVH data centre in Strasbourg, France.
Rust developers Facepunch Studios confirmed this morning that a huge catastrophe has struck the company's cloud provider, as 25 EU servers went offline due to a fire at the OVH data centre.

Unfortunately, OVH’s data centre in Strasbourg has been completely destroyed, which can be seen in pictures shared by France 3 Alsace. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

Rust servers OVH data centre in Strasbourg destroyed
OVHcloud data centre engulfed in flames (Picture: France 3 Alsace)
OVH CEO Octave Klaba confirmed that while the material damage is huge, personnel has been evacuated immediately and as a result, there were no injuries or deaths caused by this fire.

The consequences of this fire are currently affecting a number of OVH clients who were using their cloud services, including Facepunch Studios which had 25 Rust EU servers stored in a now wiped out facility.

Unfortunately, the company didn't have any data backups and so this means an irreversible loss of everything which was stored on the 25 affected EU servers.

Still, this is not as big of a loss as it might look at the first glance, as official Rust servers are undergoing complete wipes once a month when all the players start the game fresh anyway. This means that, in the worst-case scenario, this is a lost of 10-day progress.

rust eu servers down
Rust EU servers were down for hours (Picture: Facepunch Studios)

At the time of writing, EU servers are slowly coming back online, with currently these servers being functional again:

  • [EU] Softcore Facepunch 1 -
  • [EU] Softcore Facepunch 2 -
  • [EU] Facepunch 13 -
  • [EU] Facepunch 14 -
  • [EU] Facepunch Small 9 -
  • [EU] Facepunch 11 -
  • [EU] Facepunch 12 -
  • [EU] Facepunch Small 2 -
  • [EU] Facepunch Small 3 -
  • [EU] Facepunch Small 4 -
  • [EU] Facepunch 3 -
  • [EU] Facepunch 4 -
  • [EU] Facepunch Small 1 -
  • [EU] Facepunch Large 1 -
  • [EU] Facepunch 5 -