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Lilypichu shares racist messages she received over Rust Twitch drops

The Twitch star has shared some of the harassing messages she and her mods are getting from toxic members of the Rust community.
Over the past few weeks, Rust has undeniably been one of the most popular Twitch games.

OfflineTV Rust server has gathered some of the biggest names from the Twitch streaming community, including the likes of Valkyrae, shroud, Pokimane, Sykkuno, Myth, xQc, Disguised Toast, Jacksepticeye, Scarra, LilyPichu, and many others.

Thanks to this sudden resurgence in popularity, Facepunch Studios' survival game is going through a renaissance, and the developer didn't miss the opportunity for a collaboration with the streamers that have made their game to be one of the most popular Twitch categories in 2021.

In collaboration with Twitch, Facepunch Studios announced unique Rust Twitch drops, that fans will be able to earn by watching some of the biggest streamers on the platform playing the game.

Besides three universal drops, there are eight unique items that you can get only by watching specific streamers, and one of those streamers is LilyPichu, which will earn you the LilyPichu Jacket after watching her stream for four hours.

Unfortunately, instead of appreciating free content, some members of the Rust community are showing the worst kind of toxicity when it comes to online gaming.

Lilypichu has decided to share messages that she and her mods have received from some Rust players, who are feeling entitled enough to request her to stream while simultaneously sending her the worst kinds of insults.

"You f***ing Chinese coronavirus piece of sh*t go to you communisy country," read one of the messages. "Go f***ing stream Rust, you don't deserve a skin."

The other message says that they can't wait to dance on her grave, calling her "filth" and "trash", requesting her to leave "their game".

LilyPichu Rust jacket
LilyPichu Rust jacket (Picture: Twitch)

LilyPichu, who is of Korean descent, even explains that she has lowered the requirements from 4 to 2 hours of watching her stream in order for people to get the jacket more easily.

She states that she is aware she is streaming "the least out of everyone" and promises to stream more over the next few days, before the end of Rust Twitch drops (14th January), but urges Rust players not to harass her mods over that.

Unfortunately, these kinds of racist and misogynistic messages are only solidifying the negative picture that some have about the Rust community, that being it's one of the most toxic online gaming communities.

Hopefully, these are some of the worst, isolated cases and the vast majority of the community members are not supporting this kind of behaviour.

Rust's Twitch Drops are available until 14th January.