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Rust Twitch Drops 8: All drops, streamers, and schedule

Featuring fuslie, imPheetus, and BaboApe, Rust Twitch Drops 8 celebrates some of the game's most recognisable fans.
Facepunch Studios, the developers behind Rust, with the release of the game's April update has also unveiled their latest round of Twitch Drops - Round 8 - which looks to celebrate the game's most recognisable creators.

Those involved this time around include peterparkTV, spoonkid, and Masayoshi with skins and cosmetics for the LR-300, Python, and Hunting Knife.

We have all the info about these drops including what's available, how long you need to stream, and when it's all over.

Rust Twitch Drops Round 8

These are all the streamers that have been granted exclusive cosmetic items in Round 8, ranging from weapon skins to hoodies to garage doors.

Viewers will need to link their Rust account to their Twitch account and watch each streamer for a set time. Times range from two hours to six and are listed above.

These drops are available from 6-13th May until 6 pm UTC.

Streamer Drops:

Rust Twitch Drops Round 8
(Picture: Facepunch Studios)

Take note these streamer-specific drops can only be earned by watching that streamer's channel.

  • imPheetus Snow Jacket (2 hours)
  • BaboAbe Ninja Suit (2 hours)
  • fuslie Garage Door (2 hours)
  • Big Chase's God Bow (2 hours)
  • peterparkTV Python (2 hours)
  • Enardo Rock (2 hours)
  • Shiphtur Rock
  • spoonkid's Combat Spoon
  • Masayoshi LR

General Drops:

Rust Twitch Drops 8
(Picture: Facepunch Studios)

  • BritYT Wooden Door (2 hours)
  • Tacularr AR (4 hours)
  • imBernE Always Watching Door (6 hours)

These drops can be earned by watching any Drops Enabled Rust stream.

Linking your Twitch and Steam account:

  1. Sign in with your Twitch account
  2. Sign in with your Steam account
  3. Activate Twitch Drops for your Steam account

To check everything is set up properly you can track your progress towards earning drops from the Twitch Drops Inventory page.