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Escape From Tarkov: Best Hideout For Early Wipe

Come and check out the newest Escape from Tarkov Hideout updates and the best early wipe set-up!
Escape From Tarkov: Best Hideout For Early Wipe
Battlestate Games

The Escape from Tarkov Hideout is an essential location for growth. Provided by the grace of Battlestate Games, the Hideout allows players to passively grow through crafting, learning, and developing their skills from their own base.

Unfortunately, the Hideout resets every wipe, bringing players back to level one and forcing them to start from the beginning. However, with the recent patch update 13.5 released on August 10th, players have seen changes within the functionality of the Hideout with Battlestate Games releasing new changes. These include:

Reduced requirements for building a level one module:

  • Lighting: 1 level;
  • Rubles: 20,000;
  • Nuts: 1 pcs;
  • Bolts: 1 pcs;
  • Metal spare parts: 1 pc.

Defective Wall

New conditions for the module construction:

  • Medblock: Level 1;
  • Water collector: 1 level.


Added new conditions for module construction:

  • Lighting: level 2;
  • Ventilation: level 2.

Therefore, we will be able to complete construction on the hideout a little quicker and get to building the gym behind the defective wall, increasing player strength. 


Escape from Tarkov: Best Hideout Early Wipe

When starting again on Escape from Tarkov following a wipe or reset account, players have numerous features to focus on when building the Hideout. Ultimately, players are used to throwing money at the wrong upgrades and therefore limiting their progress in the earlier stages. 

Here are the modules you're going to want to upgrade first:

  • Security - no function - instant construction
  • Illumination - lights up your hideout with candles, instant construction 
  • Lavatory - crafts a series of "household," armor, and cosmetic items - instant construction
  • Nutrition unit - crafts a series of edible items - instant construction
  • Rest Space  - negative effects removal rate - instant construction
  • Vents - no function - instant construction
  • Air filtering unit - additional FP-100 filter slots, physical skill boost - 48 hours construction
  • Heating - energy regeneration rate - instant construction
  • Workbench - hardware, weapons, grenades, and weapon loadouts - instant construction

These are the most vital modules in the entirety of the hideout, therefore you're going to want to upgrade them rapidly. Getting each module level one won't cost a lot of money either time either, with the majority of these modules having instant construction time.

Units such as the Security and Vents with no function limit players because you're required to upgrade them to proceed with further construction of additional units. It's only necessary to get these units to level one early wipe and then begin to focus on your own progress in-game! 

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