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Escape from Tarkov NA Showdown: Schedule, teams, format, prize pool, and how to watch

Everything you need to know about Twitch Rivals Escape from Tarkov Showdown, including the rules, stream, all players, and more.
Escape from Tarkov NA Showdown: Schedule, teams, format, prize pool, and how to watch
Escape from Tarkov is once again back on the Twitch Rivals, and this time around it will feature some of the best Escape from Tarkov content creators from both EU and NA.

Unlike previous Twitch Rivals Showdown tournaments, this edition will focus on the Achievement Hunt and some other unique rules, which are kept secret until 72 hours before the start of the event.

More than 140 Twitch streamers will participate in the event, with $60,000 USD on the line, so we expect nothing less than pure excitement.

Here's everything you should know about the event.

Escape from Tarkov Showdown: Schedule

Escape from Tarkov Showdown schedule stream drops
(Picture: Twitch)

The tournament will be a 1-day event, scheduled for the 18th of May.

The tournament is divided into 2 stages, and it is set to start at 10 pm CET / 4 pm ET /1 pm PT.

Achievement Hunt starts at 10 pm CET / 4 pm ET /1 pm PT and it will last for 1 hr and 40 mins

The playoff starts afterwards and it will last for around 3-3.5 hours.

Escape from Tarkov Showdown: Format and Rules

Achievement Hunt:

  • 24 teams of 3
  • Map: Reserve
  • 16 tasks to complete
  • Top 16 advances to the next stage - PVP Playoffs


  • 8 teams in the winners' bracket and 8 teams in the losers bracket
  • Different maps
  • More details - in the Players Guide 72 hours before the start.

Escape from Tarkov Showdown: Teams and Players

In total 142 content creators will participate in the event, 72 from Europe and 72 from NA, divided into 24 teams per region.

The exact names of participating streamers and teams will be revealed at a later date, but for now, the confirmed players are:

  • Anthony Kongphan
  • Action Jaxon
  • AquaFPS
  • cloakzy
  • Gingy
  • Jenntacles_
  • Kleanisklean
  • MisMagpie
  • WillerZ

Escape from Tarkov Showdown: Prize Pool

The event features a whopping $60,000 USD prize pool, $30,000 USD per region.

The rewards will be split as follows:

Placement Reward
1st $6,000
2nd $4,500
3rd $3,150
4th $2,250
5th-6th $1,650
7th-8th $1,200
9th-12th $750
13th-16th $600
17th-20th $450
21st-24th $300


Escape from Tarkov Showdown Stream: How to watch

The tournament will be broadcasted live on the official Twitch Rivals channel and the personal channels of the participating content creators.