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How To Kill Kaban In Escape from Tarkov

Come and Check out how to kill Kaban on Escape from Tarkov
How To Kill Kaban In Escape from Tarkov
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Escape from Tarkov has wiped on the 10th of August 2023, bringing delight, happiness, and moments of companionship between BEAR and USEC players worldwide. On this day, we're seeing vast and amazing updates, arguably the most promising months in Escape from Tarkov history lay ahead following the 13.5 Patch.

On top of all the new exciting features and updates, we're seeing the new scav boss "Kaban" enter the Streets of Tarkov with bigger, better, and more diverse tactics to destroy you and your team compared to other current scav bosses. Kaban and his followers have been lurking around the car dealership on Streets of Tarkov, meaning he's staying in a heavily guarded location.

Kaban is strapped up and kitted out, ready to destroy all enemies that attempt to trespass against him and his followers. Unfortunately, Kaban will likely be the most difficult scav boss out of all the current AI fighters. He's incredibly well-protected by his environment, followers, and the might of his light-machine gun. Overall, the task of defeating the scav boss doesn't deem impossible, but it comes with great sacrifice and dedication because if Kaban doesn't kill you, the streets probably will! 


Escape from Tarkov: Kaban Details 

When trying to defeat Kaban, we have to take a series of aspects into account, including his background. Here are several things about Kaban's background, location, and followers:

  • He once had a small legal business in Tarkov but was not afraid to use criminal methods of money acquisition - building relations scavs and other AI.
  • His size allows him to fire various heavy machine guns without resting the gun
  • Kaban cannot afford to be mobile, and therefore either stays in position or moves slowly from point to point during combat
  • He has a large number of well-armed guards, some of whom are former military men
  • The boss dwells in the area of the car repair shop on "Streets of Tarkov."
  • entrances are fortified with stationary machine guns and AGS
  • The paths are mined, and there are snipers on the roof of the car service center
  • Kaban uses a custom rig to store machine gun boxes
  • wears body armor under his clothes
  • Scavs nearby help the boss with defense and will engage in combat for Kaban.

After watching hours of content on the new Escape from Tarkov scav boss Kaban, most influencers and EFT fans will realize their predictions and assumptions were, in fact incorrect. Kaban does, in fact, wear body armor, has intricate and specialized equipment, is well-respected by the scav community, and is protected by mines and snipers. Kaban himself is another obstacle within himself. But here is everything we need to consider summed up:

  • Generic scavs and AI in the area - they will come to defend Kaban from the Streets.
  • Fortified location, covered entrances, exits, plenty of cover for the AI 
  • Well-armed guards protecting Kaban from the inside 
  • Paths near the scav boss are mined, keeping foes away
  • Scav access to AGS (Russian automatic grenade launcher)
  • Kaban - operates machine guns, high health, trustworthy armor 
  • Sniper scavs on the roof 

Overall, there is a lot to worry about. Other scavs bosses have minor features that slightly deter players from engaging, such as Killa's dedication or Reshala's trusty followers. On the other hand, Kaban has everything: guns, an army, mines, a well-fortified area, snipers, grenade launchers, and stationary machine guns. It really feels like an entire military.


Escape from Tarkov: How to Kill Kaban 

Many players will get frustrated with the thought of this. However, I think entering this fight with a higher-caliber weapon is highly appropriate. Despite players wanting to operate a generic AK-74 with slight modifications, it will be a little inappropriate considering the army that comes alongside Kaban. Firstly, we'll need a scoped weapon (2X or more) to defeat the possible heavy machine gun-mounted scavs or AI; otherwise, they'll decimate you. The reason why we want a heavy caliber (7.62+) weapon is to quickly eradicate any enemies within our scopes, and due to their armor, 5.56x45 or similar might hinder players more than help. 

Interesting take: Don't kill the sniper scav. The sniper scav will act as an "alarm" for any players attempting to come close and challenge you once defeating Kaban or mid-fight. The car dealership is in the middle of Street players have to cross, making it almost impossible to assault the dealership without setting off some response from the AI sniper. Please remember that you left the sniper scav alive when you left the compound. It's easy to forget in times of bliss. 

Once getting to the compound, enter through the north or south side due to the cover and preparations that can be found/made there. It's vital players wear in-game headphones. This will help improve the understanding of the AI locations within the building and, furthermore develop the assault plan. It's recommended that players bring several grenades each. This will help scatter the AI and gain entry for you and your friends. Kaban is slow-moving, so if a VOG-25 lands at his feet, the battle will end early and you're done! 

This is where the high-caliber weapon comes in again. Players can quickly move through the compound, tapping enemies, dropping bodies, and throwing grenades. If running a team of two, it might be appropriate you have assault and support roles, with players using a closer range weapon for the scavs running to Kaban aid. 

Once meeting Kaban, he'll likely be stationary in an open area and will be incredibly good at providing suppressing fire on you. This makes him incredibly hard to kill. Every time you peek at the scav boss, you'll be met with pelting bullets from his PKM rifle. Therefore, a flashbang or grenade will perfectly do the job; Kaban will react to the sight of a grenade and try to relocate. Due to his slow-moving, he'll be easy to execute (providing you have good bullets).

Once killing everyone and finishing the task of killing Kaban, please exit through the Grocery store. The car dealership is accessible through the grocery store and by now most players will have every exit covered, waiting for you to leave. So, going "out the back" will likely throw players off, and due to the exit being very close quarters, you'll be able to destroy them with grenades, flashes, and smokes the same way as you defeated Kaban. 


Escape from Tarkov: Scav Boss Kaban Guide

Unfortunately, players likely won't be getting lucky tapping Kaban or any of his guards with their M855 scav-issued ADAR, but perhaps this isn't so bad. Players are essentially being forced to train for this situation and become victorious over Kaban. 

To sum up, here are the features so far:

  • High caliber weapon (MK47, RSASS, SA-58, MDR)
  • Grenades
  • Try to avoid killing sniper scav
  • Aggressive overtone, extensive planning of cover and future movements
  • Enter through the north/south sides of the compound 
  • Leave through the east side and escape through the grocery store

Ultimately, this is the most exciting I've personally been to defeat a scav boss. For once, we have to plan and learn how to defeat this boss due to multiple factors such as location, AI, mines, and stationary heavy weapons. Escape from Tarkov is really falling into place, and it's great.

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