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Next Tarkov Wipe Confirmed For August Along With Several Updates

Brand new updates from Battlestate Games confirm two Escape from Tarkov wipes and plenty of new content!
Next Tarkov Wipe Confirmed For August Along With Several Updates
Battlestate Games

Battlestate Games just released groundbreaking news on the hit game Escape from Tarkov on the TarkovTV live stream featuring lead developer Nikita Buyanov. It's no secret that Escape from Tarkov has been losing the hearts and minds of the Battlestate Games fanbase, however, in the recent Escape from Tarkov broadcast, fans from around the world found out: wipe dates, new weapons, game changes both AI and personal, and much more. Fortunately, the Escape from Tarkov fanbase was in complete awe and amazement, understanding the developers weren't disregarding our impatience, but in fact, making the wait worthwhile.

To put it simply for players wondering straight off the bat, Escape from Tarkov is wiping in August. This allows us to enjoy the final days of vanilla Escape from Tarkov before serious changes come into place in the coming month of August. Below, you'll find a roundup of the added content coming in August and the summer updates. Battlestate Games also mentioned there is another wipe coming in December, however, little known information is known about the wipe and the contents arriving with it.

We have also been told about a new location coming to Escape from Tarkov, but the new map hasn't been scheduled and receives no information, being classed as "Will be added later" with no extra context, meaning we might not see a new map until the wipe after December, but we'll see.

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Escape from Tarkov: All news from TarkovTV 

Above, you can see a list of new content coming to Escape from Tarkov by the end of 2023, finishing a complete roadmap. This roadmap essentially concludes all ambiguity surrounding the title, players have been left in the dark wondering what's happening with the title for months, finally, our questions have been answered and our hearts are filled with hope. 

The roadmap can be directed into two parts; before and after the August wipe. The content to the left of the wipe represents all content dropping within the next couple of weeks, allowing players to test and feedback before the wipe, and also giving us some immediate content to enjoy. The content after the August wipe provides a little more top-heavy releases with more exciting features and detailed additions to the Escape from Tarkov game.

As you can see, the green bars signify the time releasing through the August wipe, for example, "Preset magazine ammo loading" is expected to be released 2/3 through the wipe around late October/early November time, whereas the Streets of Tarkov expansion has been predicted to drop end of wipe, into December. 


Escape from Tarkov: New Wipe Content Breakdown

We can't just vaguely drop all this incredible information without a small breakdown of the impressive and larger components, please see below for the best content arriving this year!

Escape from Tarkov: New Weapons 

There are a lot of new weapons releasing shortly, my personal favorite, being the PKM. Nothing is going to beat camping Fortress in Customs lighting up anyone that dares to cross no-mans-land.

  • PKM: light-machine gun
  • SVT: semi-automatic rifle
  • AK-12: 2012 generation kalashnikov
  • Sawed-off: double barrel 
  • PM: pistol 
  • RPD: light-machine gun
  • SCAR GL: SCAR assault rifle with grenade launcher
  • SIG Spear - DMR (7.62x51)
  • 9A91: compact assault rifle 
  • VSK-94: DMR (very similar to VSS)

Despite players previously getting annoyed at the developers adding a wide plethora of weapons and not addressing in-game bugs and game-breaking issues, Battlestate Games made the correct decision to add these weapons within Escape from Tarkov. As you can tell, the majority of these weapons are Soviet-based weapons, taking that authentic old Russian vibe and throwing it into the world of Escape from Tarkov. Personally, I think is a nice touch to have a few authentic weapons back in the game such as the PKM, VSK-94, AK-12, SVT, and RPD, not many attachments are needed for these weapons, so putting the power truly in your ability to operate the guns.

Escape from Tarkov: New Scav Boss, Kaban 

Little is known about the new Scav boss coming to Escape from Tarkov, the name is scary enough to know he isn't messing around. Whether or not he'll be entering Streets of Tarkov full-time is unknown, however, with Streets of Tarkov being Battlestate Games' largest project and most proud achievement, it's more than likely he'll be taking residence on this map.


Escape from Tarkov: New Merchant Menu UI

The new Escape from Tarkov merchant menu is a massive lifesaver time-wise, having players able to access trading, services, and tasks all without having to exit in and out between merchants. This saves play time, game crashes, and additional problems due to the slow manner of the Escape from Tarkov UI, additionally, there is a new Escape from Tarkov player icon in the top right, displaying a picture of your character alongside his level and level logo. 

Escape from Tarkov: Helmet Lights 

Players are now able to place flashlights on their helmets, allowing for more tactical approaches to in-game dark scenarios. This will highly likely raise the number of nighttime raids, with players usually being reluctant to spend extra cash on night vision set-ups, however, helmet flashlights are going to be a complete game changer and possibly add further meta to the game. 

Escape from Tarkov: Left Shoulder Shooting

Following the wipe in August, players will be able to aim their weapons from their left shoulder, making it possible for players to take advantage when peeking right corners with their weapon arm being further extended out. This will likely come with an animation where players physically change their gun position, passing the weapon across to the other hand. 


Escape from Tarkov: BTR Finally Arrives in Streets of Tarkov 

The BTR was featured in the Escape from Tarkov - Battle for Concordia trailer over two years ago in June 2021. After two years of waiting, players are finally going to be able to experience the BTR and its usage in Streets of Tarkov. Whether or not players can utilize the cannon mounted on the BTR is currently unknown, however, we know that a group of Rouges arrive alongside the BTR. Perhaps we're able to recruit those Rouges after calling upon them, or maybe they're here to wreak Havoc and instead kill us, I hope we can recruit them, it'll be more fun. 

Escape from Tarkov: Sidearm Quickswap

Players never attempt to switch to their sidearms in intense fighting situations, instead, they'll reload because typically it's easier and secures a kill if you're quick enough. However, Battlestate Games have implemented the ability to quickly swap your sidearm, allowing you to quickly pull out your pistol (not other assault rifles) in intense situations. Whether or not this is a skill you build up over time, we're unsure, but the wipe will tell.

Escape from Tarkov: Weapon Bipods 

Bipods are finally arriving in Escape from Tarkov, with DMRs, sniper rifles, and the new light-machine guns being every player's new worst nightmare. Bipods are seriously going to be game-breaking if done incorrectly, Battlestate needs to ensure the set-up time (slow animation) for weapon bipods takes a few seconds, otherwise, players are going to be Call of Duty drop shotted. 

Escape from Tarkov: Lightkeeper Update 

The Lightkeeper has been an awesome addition to Escape from Tarkov, however, players have struggled in finding the motivation to unlock the merchant. The Lightkeeper doesn't provide much use to players, especially after the daunting hoops players have to jump through to unlock him. Adding new content and features to Lightkeeper will motivate players to play through his questline, gaining an edge and new features over other players.


Escape from Tarkov Update Conclusion 

Nothing has been mentioned about the new map/location and to be honest with you it's a time waste getting excited because it won't release for over a year. Battlestate Games struggled to release Streets of Tarkov this year, with the release being slightly bumpy with optimization issues, despite working on the map for many years. 

Despite the speed of the game's development of maps, we can focus on all the new enjoyable content to come in a few weeks and months. Battlestate Games have completely blown this out of the water and to be honest with you, we're all very excited. 

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