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Escape From Tarkov: How to Kill Killa

Here's how to complete "The Stylish One" quest quickly in Escape from Tarkov.
Escape From Tarkov: How to Kill Killa

Befallen upon you is a task for the mighty, patient, and wise players of Escape from Tarkov. Killing Killa; The Stylish One is hands-down the hardest quest in the entirety of Escape from Tarkov, costing you millions of roubles, dozens of hours of time, and plenty of broken keyboards. The quest at hand: Eliminate Killa 100 times.

*dramatic sound effect*

The details of this task, compliments of Ragman: “So, there’s this dandy asshole in Ultra mall. Lurking around, cleaning supplies, gunning everyone down right on the spot. Folks out there are hella scared of him. I tell you what, you punish him properly, and I will get you a nice stylish jacket just like his one so you can give it a proper use. Could cosplay him and shit. Just be careful, this dude is hella dangerous.” The reward is awesome, you get to flex your achievement by repping the same tracksuit as Killa (is it worth one hundred hours of pain... no. But it’s still cool).

Essentially, my dear friends, you’re entering an eternal war with yourself. Repeating the same process repeatedly. As we know, Killa is a scav boss, meaning each raid there is only a chance he spawns and if he does, there’s an even smaller chance it’s you that kills him. His spawn chance in interchange is 30% meaning statistically he will spawn one in four raids. Additionally, Killa now spawns within Streets of Tarkov at a 10% spawn chance, making it one in ten raids – have fun. Shroud completed this task in early 2020 within eighty hours, and it took him over three hundred separate raids to complete.

All this being said, we're going to teach you how to kill Killa on Interchange and how to complete "The Stylish One" quickly. 


EFT: The Stylish One Task

To complete the task quickly, you’re going to need to understand how “quickly” is defined within the context of this quest. Players have spent over one hundred hours trying to complete this task and there is no way you’re completing this in less than fifty hours in-game time with the best of luck. We, the players, have been able to manipulate the game into giving us the best results per raid, such as spawn, character, and weapon changes to help boost our success rates. Therefore, if you follow the methods listed, there is a higher chance of success in minimal time, but you’re still going to be playing for a long time and your patience will be tested.

Stimulants are key – you’re going to want to equip the following stimulants to help boost your character abilities momentarily and use them at the beginning of each interchange run:

  • SJ6 – prevents negative combat effects (tremor, tunnel effect) and boosts stamina.
  • 3(B-TG) – significantly increases character strength, energy, perception, and recovery.

These stimulants are going to aid you from the moment you enter the raid until the second Killa’s body drops lifeless. In some cases, you’re going to receive bad spawns in correlation to Killa’s spawn location, but it doesn’t matter as you will now be able to sprint to his spawn before anybody else. Additionally, if a scav gets a lucky shot on you as you’re traveling, no worries, the stimulants will cover all!


The Best Weapons to Kill Killa 

You need to be the personified grim reaper, lurking in the lands of interchange with the sole desire to destroy your prey; anyone intervenes, and they will meet the reaper. With that in mind, would the reaper be walking around with an HK UMP? No, don’t be silly. Any weapon beneath the caliber of 7.62X51 will not be accepted during this mission.

The weapons you use are going to be expensive, providing you max them out with attachments. But you can use the following weapons with a simple reflex sight if desired, we only need the stopping power of a high-caliber rifle to quickly eliminate Killa:

  • MDR Assault rifle 7.62X51
  • DS Arms SA-58 7.62X51
  • SCAR-H 7.62X51
  • RFB 7.62X51
  • M1A 7.62X51
  • HK G28 7.62X51
  • MK-18 .338 Lapua Magnum
  • SR-25 7.62X51
  • SVDS 7.62X54
  • RSASS 7.62X51

These weapons are going to be high recoil regardless of the attachments you put on them unless you completely throw all your money at them. Considering we’re looking at more than two hundred raids here minimum, I’d suggest you save your pennies wherever you can.


EFT Killa: Weapons, Armor, and Gear 

When running armor, a series of limitations are going to arise; money, weight, and practicality. You’re not going to want to run gear that is going to weigh a significant amount because your character is going to move at slower speeds. The minimum recommended armor level, in this case, would be four, even if that’s a push considering the ammo Killa is going to be repping.

Here are a few armor suggestions to ensure top speed and protection:

  • THOR body armor – level four – stomach/thorax
  • Hexatac HPC Plate Carrier – level five – thorax
  • 6B13 M Assault Armour (Killa) – level five – stomach/thorax
  • BNTI Gzhel-K body armor – level five – stomach/thorax
  • Tactile Hexgrid plate carrier – level six – thorax
  • BNTI Zhuk-6a body armor – level six – stomach/thorax

In terms of helmets, my honest advice is don’t bother unless it’s Altyn. The ammunition Killa is going to be repping will shred through whatever piece of plastic you’ve got on your head. To play it safe, you can choose anything to prevent scavs from getting lucky, but it really won't matter a whole bunch, ignorance is bliss.

To save money, you’re going to want to ensure every run is worth the time and hassle. Therefore, once discovering or not discovering Killa, loot the local high-value shops like Techlight. You’ve most likely arrived at the location before anyone else, therefore make the most of the stimulants and grab loot as much as you can before leaving and extracting.  


EFT: How to Kill Killa Effectively 

Regardless of your walk of life; rat, Chad, BEAR, or USEC, you’re going to have to change your playstyle entirely to optimize the best results in terms of time and money. As previously mentioned, make the most of the loot, but once you’re done, extract. It would help if you weren’t actively seeking firefights when trying to complete this task unless you have millions of roubles. This task is going to cost a lot, so why lose it fighting a combat-hungry level fifteen?

When looting Killa, it’s easy to get carried away. But chances are you’ve just made a ruckus trying to kill the old boy, now the entire server knows Killa is engaged, and some high-level chump is occupied, meaning payday for the rats. Be swift and alert, people are going to try to kill you and get their piece of the pie. On another note, Killa’s weaponry isn’t going to be light, search his pockets in pursuit of quick easy bitcoins and be gone.

Additionally, Killa has multiple grenades and is generally accurate with his bursts of rounds, meaning your best chances of surviving are by keeping yourself agile and concealed. As mentioned, leave your chaddish instincts behind, this is every man for himself, only the best will survive, and your intimidation techniques won’t work on this selfless AI. To the rats, Killa is going to rush you if he smells fear, smiting you, keep your chin up chief there will be better days.

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