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New Escape from Tarkov Boss "Heavy Killa" Confirmed

Come and check out the upcoming Escape from Tarkov boss, Heavy Killa.
New Escape from Tarkov Boss "Heavy Killa" Confirmed
Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov has received some excellent updates over the last couple of years, with Battlestate Games keeping the constant heat and trajectory of their updates to a high standard. Players only received a new scav boss "Kaban" in August and we're already receiving a new scav boss in Escape from Tarkov before the wipe in December. 

The new scav boss will be featured specifically in Escape from Tarkov Arena mode coming before December. It's yet to be confirmed whether or not the boss will be featured in the main game, however, lead developer Nikita is not closed off to the idea. 


Escape from Tarkov Scav Boss: Heavy Killa 

The name of the new scav boss within Escape from Tarkov is "Heavy Killa," and as seen by the article cover image the boss is an emphasized version of Interchanges scav boss. Heavy Killa is just Killa but with a PKP and a significant amount of armor, leading players to already have a basic understanding of the boss's characteristics. 

Killa in general is very confrontational and agile, making him the perfect boss in Arena mode, hence why Battlestate Games has chosen him. We expect Heavy Killa to spawn mid-round within Arena mode in an attempt to kill either team, similar to the juggernaut heading into the Gulag in Modern Warfare's Warzone. 

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