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Escape From Tarkov Pre Wipe Event Day 7: LIVE Updates

Pre-Wipe events are now live in Escape from Tarkov. Here's everything you need to know about them.
Escape From Tarkov Pre Wipe Event Day 7: LIVE Updates

Every six months, the multiplayer FPS title, Escape From Tarkov, experiences a server wipe that resets everyone's currency, quest progress, levels, and pretty- much everything in the game. 

Before the Wipe happens, developer Battlestate Games deploys several pre-Wipe events that give players new incentives to play and make progress before everything starts afresh. In some ways, the game also descends more and more into chaos as the in-game economy goes completely out of whack and bizarre bonuses get introduced too.

The next Tarkov wipe is expected to arrive in December 2022, and pre-wipe events are already underway. Here is a breakdown of the December 2022 pre-wipe events that have occurred so far.

Pre-Wipe Event Day 7 - No Flea Market Fees

Players who log in today should receive a new message from Ragman which reads:

It’s time for real trade, brother. There’s a carload of goods and a passenger carload of entrepreneurs, The Scavs be scavving, the cash be coming. Limited offer for members of our humble underground flea market! Only today! No transaction fees. Get into cash before the market goes to hell!

Basically, there are no flea market fees, and given this could potentially break the economy of the game, it's possible we're finally getting close to the Escap From Tarkov wipe finally taking place.

Our money is still on the 26th of December, which means this weekend could get even crazier before the wipe next week. More to follow.

Pre-Wipe Event Day 6 - New Explosive Ammo Rounds

So we're here with another small pre-wipe event and this time Battlestate Games appear to have added explosive ammo in the form of three new rounds which can be crafted in the Hideout.

With seemingly no wipe today, it seems even more likely that the Wipe could be coming next week on December 26. 

Pre-Wipe Event Day 6? It looks like it could go that way right now

Have a watch:

Pre-Wipe Event Day 5 - New Unconfirmed Stim Event now live?

It hasn't been announced yet, but it looks like another Pre-Wipe stim event may have just gone live this morning.

 Players are reporting that trade stimulants have no side effects anymore.

Pre-Wipe Event Day 4 - Melee Bonanza Is Now Live

The latest pre-Wipe event in Escape From Tarkov, called Melee Bonanza, is now live.

As the name suggests, it encourages melee combat, and you must get a certain number of melee kills to complete the quest called "Martial Arts Course."

The Martial Arts Course quest in Escape From Tarkov pre-wipe events has two objectives. They are

  • Score a melee kill on Tagilla
  • Kill 15 PMCs with a melee weapon

Completing these objectives will give you the following rewards:

  • +2 reputation Jaeger
  • +2 reputation Ragman
  • +2 reputation Skier
  • +2 reputation Mechanic
  • +2 reputation Peacekeeper
  • +2 reputation Therapist
  • Red Rebel Ice Pick
  • Miller Bros. Blades M-2 Tactical Sword
Pre-Wipe Event Day 3 - Dogtags are now worth big Bucks

The latest pre-Wipe event in Escape From Tarkov is now live and the value of dog tags has been increased dramatically.

According to ‘Gigabeef‘ on Twitter, in-game dog tags have risen from 378 per level to 2646 per level. That's an increase of roughly seven-times more than before.

Pre-Wipe Event Day 2 - Everything for a Beer (Hideout upgrades for Beer)

The second pre-wipe event is now live and it's a strange one.

Players can now upgrade their hideout for the cost of a beer bottle.

Pre-Wipe Event Day 1 - Rifle Shooting for Dummies (Increased XP-rate for skills )

The Escape From Tarkov Pre-Wipe has officially begun! It begins with skills leveling incredibly fast. To break it down for you:

  • Weapon XP gains increased to 2100%.
  • Character XP gains increased to 2400%.

If this is your first wipe, you may be wondering what this all means. Have a watch of the below video from Onepeg to help familiarise yourself with what's about to go down in Tarkov.

How Long Do Pre-Wipe Events Last In Escape from Tarkov?

escape from tarkov pre wipe events
Past pre-Wipe events lasted somewhere between 2-4 days to a whole month.

While there's no fixed length for these, past pre-Wipe events lasted somewhere between 2-4 days to a whole month. The last Wipe occurred on 28th June 2022, and many expect the next one to happen sometime in the final weeks of December. Right now, it's possible it could happen as early as Thursday 22 December, but we also know it could be anytime that Battlestate Games choose. We just need to keep an eye on the game and its daily pre-wipe events to hopefully gather a sense of how manic everything is becoming. The crazier it gets, the closer we are likely to the full Tarkov Wipe.

For now, that's everything you need to know about the pre-Wipe events in Escape from Tarkov.

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