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How Long Will Escape From Tarkov Server Maintenance Last? (July 2023)

How long is server maintenance in Escape From Tarkov? Here's what you need to know.
How Long Will Escape From Tarkov Server Maintenance Last? (July 2023)
6 July 2023 Update - Battlestate Games are planning to install technical update later today. No downtime or maintenance has been announced, but we would imagine the game will need to come offline for this update to be released. The update arrives at 8AM BST/3AM EDT, so be prepared for downtime of up to four hours. We'll update this page should we get more info. Stay tuned for more.

Original Story Follows - We're prepared to guess that Tarkov servers aren't up and running right now if you're reading this. It's difficult to tell if that's due to planned server maintenance by the Battlestate Games' dev team or unplanned downtime, but considering the game's generally strong track record of remaining online, chances are it's the former.

Scheduled maintenance occurs every now and then with Tarkov, and given it's an online-only game, of the servers do go offline for maintenance, the game is unplayable for the entire fanbase.

Knowing you want to get back into Tarkov, you probably want to know "how long will servers be down" or "when the game will be back" if the developers are implementing a sizable new update or patch for the game. After all, that's probably the reason you're reading this website. So continue reading, and we'll attempt to fill you in on all you need to know.

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How Long Will Tarkov Servers Be Down?

There is no doubt that Tarkov has a reasonably solid track record for releasing upgrades and bringing the servers back online quickly - especially when compared to some other games that we shall not name.

Whether it's a little hotfix or a significant update, Battlestate Games often works promptly to update their game and bring the servers back online. Of course, there are occasional glitches, and there are various protocols for various systems.

Although this isn't a given, we've learned to anticipate that any maintenance will last around 4-5 hours for each significant update, unless the dev team specifically states otherwise in advance.

Update - On May 26 Servers are going down for four hours. This is so the game can release patch

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There's a number of important updates coming to Tarkov throughout 2023

When Will Tarkov Be Back Online?

To be frank, it will take as long as it takes. Servers are normally brought back online as soon as the devs humanly can bring them back online and the latest update/hotfix/workaround has successfully rolled out to the game.

Only after these updates have been released will servers be returned to stable and allow players to jump back in.

If you're a massive Tarkov fan it's definitely worth following the game on Twitter, as they're normally fantastic at providing updates to the community and clarity on how long updates or maintenance will last.

Also keep in mind that often when the game is brought offline for maintenance, the devs will specify for how long - but this time could be extended. With the most recent installation of patch, it was suggested that the installation could take approximately 4 hours "but may be extended if required". So, be prepared to wait longer than the stated time should things go wrong.

It's also worth noting that when servers come back online, it's likely that you will be placed in a queue to get back into the game.

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