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Escape from Tarkov: A Shooter Born In Heaven Guide

Come and find out how to complete Escape from Tarkovs iconic quest, a shooter born in heaven!
Escape from Tarkov: A Shooter Born In Heaven Guide
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A shooter born in heaven is arguably one of the most iconic missions in Escape from Takrov, having players learn the art of sniping; killing three players with headshots from 100 meters away across all open maps. However, since the task has been challenged by many players for being too difficult (hence why it's so iconic), the Battlestate developers have taken action and decided to nerf the mission, making it a lot easier and more achievable for newer players. Over six years of playing Escape from Tarkov, I've personally only had the honor of completing the task twice; from experience, I agree with a nerf, especially if this wipe is only expected to last four months. Here's everything you need to know.

A Shooter Born in Heaven Objectives

Within this guide, we're going to teach you how to effectively complete A Shooter Born In Heaven on Escape from Tarkov following these new task requirements:

  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Woods
  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Reserve
  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Shoreline
  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Customs
  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Lighthouse
  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Streets of Tarkov
  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Interchange

Hopefully, these requirements are a little easier, despite having to get thirty-five total headshots, at least it's not from 100 meters away! 


How To Easily Complete A Shooter Born In Heaven Quest

We're getting straight into the details, feel free to dip in and out of each method:

Method One, "Chad": If you're wanting to get this done quickly and effectively, you need to be confident in battle and have great aim, otherwise, this method is impossible. Simply grab a default Mosin from Prapor level one, costing you approximately 35,000 roubles, and some semi-decent ammo, and start heading into any needed map.

Once spawning, run to all gunfire and challenge any players with the fury of your Mosin. Despite sounding incredibly vague and uninformative, this method is the most appropriate and works very well, the iron sites on the mosin are impeccable and allow clear vision, and the 7.62x54R rounds clear almost all enemies with one tap of the head. 

Method Two, "Sniper": If your reaction time isn't as quick as it once was, method two is for you. This method requires you to be patient, sit in a covered place outside a place of interest, and wait for your prey to arrive. This takes significantly longer, sometimes causing players to not even get a kill during a raid, and will cost more money to buy scope attachments. However, it means less intense and demanding gameplay, which to be honest is more appropriate for this task. Whether you want to sit outside player extracts, key rooms, or places of interest, method two always works nicely for you.

Here are a few ideas for players to utilize:

  • Customs: stay prone underneath a train-facing fortress (near an old gas station). Or, Camp on top of construction with a 360-degree view of the surroundings (bring a silenced pistol).
  • Reserve: camp on top of the dome. Or, either black and white pawn building near the helicopter.
  • Woods: stay prone near the beach rocks at the RUAF roadblock facing the scav fortress. Or, camp outskirts water for players coming to extract.
  • Shoreline: any wooded area facing the gas station, water treatment, or pier.
  • Lighthouse: The rocks east side of the water treatment. Or, the rocks near the mountain pass.
  • Streets of Tarkov: any concealed location facing Lexos car dealership. Or, construction covering the collapsed crane extract and players coming from Concordia 
  • Interchange (easiest): camp railway exfil and Emercon checkpoint for extracting players. Or, sit inside the "Dom" store (opposite Texho on the ground floor near Oli) and watch all players coming to the technology stores. 

Overall this will take a few days to complete because you're waiting for players to come to you instead of finding them yourself. As many know, method one might cause more frustration and be quite difficult to complete, however, it's faster. Method two provides players with an alternative to rushing enemies and losing potentially a lot of gear. 


How To Complete A Shooter Born In Heaven Quest With Friends

Finally, we're going to be looking at method three and unfortunately, it requires a friend who you shall one day return the favour to one day. Let's get into it:

Method Three, "the fallen comrade": Method three requires you to tag along into raids with a friend who obtains a backpack and minimal gear. When spawning on whatever map you decide to combat, ask your lightly geared friend with a backpack to run into an open area whilst you set up nearby with eyes on him. After making enough noise shooting pistol rounds, fighting scavs, and throwing grenades, combat-hungry players will try and kill him. 

Once your friend has died or run away, you now have players in the area and hopefully have eyes to kill them. If they have killed your friend, they'll likely loot him if he has a weapon and backpack, this is where you will make the kill shot. However, if your comrade survived the ordeal, you still can kill the enemy or draw them to other locations where you can retry killing them. This method works perfectly in open areas surrounded by hills or buildings, such as Shoreline gas station, Customs construction, Woods sawmill, Interchange parking garages, and extracts.

Despite sounding the easiest of all methods (it is), finding willing friends who are going to patiently sit through around 35 raids, being several hours, of running away and getting shredded to pieces is going to be quite difficult. Therefore perhaps try to passively play this task instead of directly assigning all your energy to A Sniper Born In Heaven at one time. 

Escape from Tarkov: A Shooter Born In Heaven Rewards

Overall this task is going to take several hours to complete, especially for those who are new to the game. However, this task has usually taken several days for players to complete unless you're very familiar with and skilled within Escape from Tarkov. As many know, Escape from Tarkov is an unforgiving and terrible place, but the traders sure know how to reward the players who actively complete their tasks: 

  • +12,500 EXP
  • +5 Sniper Rifles skill level
  • Mechanic Rep +0.03
  • 150,000 Roubles
    • 157,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1
    • 172,500 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 1× HK G28 7.62x51 marksman rifle
  • 2× HK417/G28 7.62x51 20-round magazine
  • 40× 7.62x51mm M993
  • Unlocks purchase of Magazine case at Mechanic LL3
  • Unlocks purchase of HK G28 7.62x51 marksman rifle at Jaeger LL4
  • Unlocks craft for 7.62x51mm M61 at Workbench level 3

Hopefully after seeing the rewards the journey is a little more worthwhile, especially knowing you're that much closer to achieving Kappa container!

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