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Escape from Tarkov "Streets of Tarkov" Update - Release Dates, Features & More

Streets of Tarkov is a soon-to-be-released location that will introduce tons of new content. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming update.
Escape from Tarkov "Streets of Tarkov" Update - Release Dates, Features & More

"Streets of Tarkov" is an upcoming location for Escape from Tarkov that is set to bring a host of new content and game modes. Battlestate Games have confirmed that the "first iteration" of Streets of Tarkov will launch sometime in 2022, and fans are excited as ever to participate in the 30-40-man raids!

This article will cover the expected Streets of Tarkov release date and several gameplay features you can expect to see with the map update. 

Latest News

December 28 - Streets of Tarkov now live

Escape from Tarkov Patch 0.13 is now live and so to is the ninth map for the game, 'Streets of Tarkov'.

December 26 - Patch 0.13 Streets of Tarkov Trailer Revealed

We still don't have an exact date for the wipe, but we're willing to bet it's coming before the 29th when the Twitch Drops begin.

For now, enjoy the new trailer for Patch 0.13 just above.

December 19 - Streets of Tarkov could arrive on 26th?

Could 26 be the day of the wipe? That would be next Monday...

December 17 - Have the pre-wipe Tarkov events begun?

It sure looks like it.

The message translation on the latest tease reads (Via @axel__tv):

"shooting for dummies .bro look what I found ( the book ). I have read it and started shouting like a real sniper. Don’t loose it, presents like this don’t lie on the road"

December 15 - Less than two weeks to go?

While not confirmed just yet, we think the Escape from Tarkov server wipe will happen on 28th December 2022, and this is also when we're expecting to see Streets of Tarkov go live.

So there are now less than two weeks to go...

December 1 - Girls of Tarkov podcast reveals plenty of new details.

In a recent “Girls of Tarkov” podcast, Nikita, the COO of Battlestate Games, revealed plenty of new info about the state of the 'Streets of Tarkov' map, along with a few more juicy details too. For instance, the first iteration of Streets of Tarkov won’t include bosses.

We've included an interesting chunk of the Girls of Tarkov podcast just below, but the full transcript with Nikita's answers can be read on the link.


Q: What part of Streets of Tarkov will be featured in the first iteration? Will it be downtown or a suburbs? What will it look like? And how many PMC players will there be in the first iteration of Streets?

  • A: I want to say right away that we didn't plan to have the entire city even in the final iteration of the location. There will only be the most interesting part. The city itself is quite large, and we designed it in such a way that we could gradually expand the Streets of Tarkov. The first iteration will be the part of the location that's closer to the center, without the suburbs. Initially, the suburbs were planned as a separate location, but we decided to move it into the DLC. At the moment, the key task is to make the main city: it will be a large part, where some buildings will be closed, some parts of the streets will be blocked off. This is an ambitious task that involves a large number of developers. It's a difficult and unique task, which is hard to fulfill in the level of detail that we originally thought of. Also, we pay special attention to optimizing the location itself, so that players have the same or better FPS than on the Lighthouse location. Due to a large number of objects and textures, we had to implement new optimization modules and processes. Now it's already possible to run around the location, but there is a question of the number of players. One of the main conditions for launching the city is the ability to keep a large number of NPCs and players on the location in the long run. There will be many points of interest, bases, and patrols in the City. For example, within one house and the surrounding streets, we already need a minimum of 15 Scavs. And that's one house out of many. All of this requires the implementation of a new system that will allow us to place up to 100 entities (players and NPCs on location) at a time. In the first iteration, we won't have this yet, but we want to get to those values later.

Streets of Tarkov Release Date

Streets of Tarkov
The wait will definitely be worth it! (Picture: Battlestate Games)

As mentioned, Streets of Tarkov has been confirmed by Battlestate Games to release sometime in 2022. No official confirmation of a release date has been given at this time. 

A tweet posted by Studio Head, Nikita Buyanov, gives a little hope to the expected release date, as Buyanov claims the game will release "before autumn."

Well, considering October is nearly over, and we're well into Autumn at this point, we can hope that the update will drop before the end of Autumn, making November 30 the absolute latest that Streets of Tarkov will be released. However, considering Buyanov's hope of releasing the update before Autumn didn't come to pass, take everything with a grain of salt. 

We will update this section with news as soon as the release date is announced. 

Streets of Tarkov Features

Streets of Tarkov
Are you ready for 30-man Raids?! (Picture: Battlestate Games)

The main gameplay feature coming with Streets of Tarkov is the aforementioned "enormous scale raids." Up to forty players are expected to be able to participate in a single raid at any one time. This is likely what is causing such a delay in the Streets of Tarkov update, as making sure the game can handle so many players will take a lot of work. 

Buyanov stated that: "It still will be really big in terms of different buildings, exploration, and everything – and it will be constantly updated and expanded to the final [version].” Buyanov went on to say that, "The main challenge right now is to make it playable in terms of performance and in terms of network performance because as I promised before, it must be playable with at least 30 or 40 PMCs and a lot of Scavs [and] bosses.” 

Huge updates take a huge amount of time to complete, and we remain hopeful that the wait will be worth it in the end. Several screenshots have also been shared of Streets of Tarkov, which you can check out below.

Streets of Tarkov News & Leaks

Streets of Tarkov
Early footage already looks amazing. (Picture: Battlestate Games)

No concrete leaks have been revealed yet for Streets of Tarkov. The most fans have in the way of early footage are the screenshots shared by Battlestate Games themselves and several short videos. You can check these out below:

Despite how long it is taking to release the update, Battlestate Games seem more than willing to share as much of Streets of Tarkov as they can with eager fans. 

We will update this section as soon as more news is announced. 

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Featured image courtesy of Battlestate Games.

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