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Best Shadowlands weapon for fresh lvl60: How to get Sorrowbane

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the best weapon for a fresh level 60 character is undoubtedly the new Sorrowbane.
Best Shadowlands weapon for fresh lvl60: How to get Sorrowbane

There's a whole lot of content in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to enjoy after you've levelled up your first character to the new 60. After you've completed the levelling process, you might want to get a head start with some great items, so you can get into the endgame grind. The best possible weapon to acquire as a fresh level 60 character is Sorrowbane, which has been changed in Shadowlands to a must-have iLvl 180 item. Here's how you can get it following our step-by-step guide.

How to get Sorrowbane in Shadowlands

Sorrowbane is a two-handed sword with iLvl 180, featuring some incredible stats for a fresh level 60. In fact, you won't get anything better until you attempt Mythic Dungeons, making it a must-have for all characters who can use two-handed swords in Shadowlands.

World of warcraft shadowlands sorrowbane how to get best weapon(Picture: WoWHead)

While Sorrowbane is a fantastic level 60 starter weapon, it is quite difficult to attain, as you have to jump through several hoops to obtain, and finally pull it out which is a direct reference to Excalibur. 

You will see Sorrowbane in Oonar's Arm at the Theater of Suffering location in Maldraxxus. However, you don't be able to pull it from its resting place just yet.

You will require the following items to pull Sorrowbane out of the rock:

  • 2x Battle Hardened: Lasts 10 minutes and stacks up to 3 times
  • 4x Edible Redcap: Lasts 2 minutes and stacks up to 4 times
  • 1x Strenght of Blood: Lasts 1 minute
  • 1x Potion of Unusual Strength: Lasts 25 seconds

Follow the step-by-step guide below to get Sorrowbane in Shadowlands, which yes, looks just like the Armageddon weapon just in a different colour.

  • In Revendreth, buy a Strength of Blood potion from Ta'tru.
  • First up, complete the quests to unlock Au'larrynar as a vendor and purchase the Potion of Unusual Strength. 
  • Bind your hearthstone to the Innkeeper closest to the Theater of Pain.
  • Complete two ballista repairs for the World Quest "A Few Bumps Along the Way" and make sure it is active for quite some time. 
  • With the World Quest, get two stacks of Battle Hardened. 
  • Now, quickly head to Gluthran's Decay in Maldraxxus and click on four Edible Redcaps.
  • Hearth back to the Theater of Suffering and use both your Strength of Blood and Potion of Unusual Strength next to Oonar's Arm.
  • Click on Oonar's Arm within 25 seconds to receive Sorrowbane.

If you would like a visual guide, YouTuber ZaFrostPet shows you how to pull Sorrowbane from Oonar's Arm below.

Keep in mind the video is from before Shadowlands released, where Sorrowbane was still a level 51 item and not the powerhouse it is now.

By successfully getting Sorrowbane, you will also receive the Shadowlands achievement called Harvester of Sorrow.